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Sorrows Embrace story

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Sorrows Embrace story

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:38 pm


Level 60.
Difficulty: Medium.
Duration: Long.

First group

There is a short-cut after the first group. Go down where you see a moving part. Walk on ledge, jump on moving part and walk to the otherside! (skips ~3 groups)

Snik and his golem

Pull dredges first.
Snik starts using a flamethrower at 50% health. Avoid with circle-strafe.

Golem Specialist Noko (use ranged swap)

Spins (33% of time): Reflects projectiles and knockbacks melee (stop shooting / disable auto-attack).
Lightning Bolt: Bounces between players. Dodge.
AoE effect on feet (33% of time): Heavy damage, stay away.

Getting the cog

Easiest and fastest way is that 3 people run through smashers, grab a cog and jump down.
- Alternatively kill dredge-ambush from carrier and then lure three veteran monsters through smashers (won't kill them but gives you more space).

Big room

To skip most combat, head right (avoid patrols).
Destroy unprotected mortars.
Kill one group (with mortar) on way and drop down near two golems.


After lengthy cut-scenes immediatelly run back ~10 meters, this gives some breathing space.
Kill trash monsters quickly.


Spawns 3 Golem-bosses after you damage him enough.
You can and should run back before every golem to allow situation reset.
- This allows you to change skills and equipment between encounters.
- This allows golem and Kudu position to reset (Kudu also may/seems to stop fighting if reseted).
Stay away from Kudu when fighting golems.

Unstable Golem

Lightning-debuff: Deals damage to nearby allies, target unharmed.
- If you take heavy damage, dodge away from flashing person.
- If you are flashing, dodge away from everyone else.
Lightning Bolt: Bounces between players. Dodge.
Stun-lock on melee: Raises arms. Dodge.

Fire Golem (use ranged swap)

Bring plenty of condition removal to remove long Burning.
Consumes conditions to heal: Avoid stacking conditions (blind and weakness fine).
Single-target attack: Points target. Dodge, block or zig-zag.
Multi-target attack: Raises arm. Dodge, block or zig-zag.
Flame-thrower on melee: One player should stay in melee-range to trigger this attack.

Poison Golem

Bring condition removal to remove intense Bleeding.
Spins pulling projectiles: Avoid with zig-zag.
AoE effect on feet: Stacks Vulnerability and Poison.
Dual darts: Poison and bleeding. Avoid with zig-zag.
Rapid darts: Poison and intense Bleeding. Dodge.

Golem champion

Abuse line of sight by running behind corners.

End boss

Bring condition removal to remove Burning.
Bring offense to quickly kill Slimes -> use dropped boulders for 10k-20k damage.
Sprays flame: Pay attention to its head to see where it starts from. Hide in safe-spots.
Pulls chains: Drops lava and slimes on safe-spots.


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