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Sorrows Embrace path 1

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Sorrows Embrace path 1

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:39 pm

Path 1: Inquest

Level 65.
Difficulty: Hard.
Duration: Short.


Patrols respawn, don't waste time fighting them. Look for hiding places off-road.
*- Invisibility skills work wonderfully. Get Ash Legion Spy Kits from Kyra Sharptracker in Plains of Ashford for consumable invisibility.
Focus enemies down with hit&run-tactic.
Golem generates stun-field around and starts spinning pulling projectiles. Dodge, zig-zag or bring Stability.

Route to asura boss

If enough offense destroy barriers and patrols.
With invisibility let patrols pass.
As a last resort you can cripple/immobilize them and run through.
Run to closed door when fighting the boss to avoid patrol.
Boss: kill adds.


Triggering mine deals damage after ~0.5 seconds, don't stand still!
Golems pull so stun-breaker/stability is useful.
Avoid mines and kill golems.
*- Alternatively just run through (one should go first so that followers don't get killed).


Refer to story-mode for golems (mini-golems are considerably weaker).

Tazza & Champion

Focus Tazza. Killing her ends dungeon.
Avoid damaging Champion. She spawns enemies when damaged enough.
Avoid AoE and kill adds.


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