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Sorrows Embrace path 2

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Sorrows Embrace path 2

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:40 pm

Path 2: Rasolov

Level 65.
Difficulty: Medium.
Duration: Long.

First boss

Self-heal when taking cover: Fear, interrupt or outdamage.
Shockwave: High damage projectile?. Knockdown.
Melee: High damage. Knockback.


Kill Veteran enemies while kiting Overseers.
Overseer 1: shoots exploding (knockback) bullets -> knocklock.
Overseer 2: Burrow knockdown.
Overseer 3: Melee knockback. AoE stuff.
Overseer 4: Spawns adds (ignore/kill) and blocks.


Focus your own survivability. NPC can die.


Watch out for patrols when fighting it.
After beating it, just skip patrols.

The golems (use ranged swap)

Destroy mortars with "hit & run"-tactics.
- Alternatively just go left and skip this, however this will make end-fight harder.
Remember focus veteran golems one by one.
Two final golems need to be killed at the same time. Damage both as equally as you can.
Quickly switch target when targeted golem gets invulnerability.


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