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Sorrows Embrace path 3

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Sorrows Embrace path 3

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:40 pm

Path 3: Koplev

Level 65.
Difficulty: Medium.
Duration: Medium.

First general

Bring condition removal against strong bleeding.
Once the general is dead a small group will attack.

General Moldavich?

Cave spiders will spawn if you run off too far when attacking barricades.
Boss: pulls when hits ground with stick -> dodge.
Boss: fiery effect affects only allies (avoid them and extinguish yourself on water).

Dredge carrier

Watch out for ambush shortly after boss.
Instead of triggering the carrier (marker on map) go up.
One player should trigger the carrier and run up.
Destroy carrier from distance. Hide under ledge to avoid damage.
Skip remaining dredges.

The destroyer

Kill adds.


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