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Crucible of Eternity Explorable path 1-3

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Crucible of Eternity Explorable path 1-3

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:53 pm

Explorable Mode

Level 80.
Difficulty: Submarine[1] (medium), Teleporter[2] (easy), Front[3] (medium)
Duration: Submarine[1] (medium), Teleporter[2] (medium), Front[3] (medium)

Ice Wolf Champion

Highly damaging untelegraphed melee attacks (frost attack about 10k, leap about 15k).

General info: Subject Alpha

Teeth of Jormag: High damage delayed AoE. Targets everyone (including allies). One target (with most health?) gets icy version (blue mist forming).
- Normal version deals damage on outer-circle. Stay inside inner circle, move out outer circle or dodge.
- Icy version deals damage on inner circle. Move out of inner circle or dodge.
- When circles overlap you have to dodge.
Dragon's Tooth: High damage delayed AoE. Targets everyone (including allies) not in melee-range. Melee suffers minor damage and burning instead.
- Walk out of the circle.
- Melee players may dodge burning.
Teeth of Mordremoth: High damage AoE line.
- Dodge based on animation.
- To completely avoid this attack, disable melee-assists and stay inside Alpha.
Crystal-attack during second and third encounter. Some classes can easily teleport/shadowstep out of it. Quickly break it for everyone else.
- This attack can be dodged requiring luck or awesome reflexes.
- Stability prevents but won't break.
Spawns tendrils during second and third encounter. Use them to rally.
Spawns risen during first and second encounter. Try clean them up.
Spawns black essences during third enouncter. Kill to prevent healing and to freeze Alpha
- Freeze is a bug. If you find it unfair then simply apply CC on Alpha to break it.

Submarine[1]: Subject Alpha

Doesn't use Earth-AoE.
Walk out of Dragon's Tooth. If he was facing you during Dragon's Tooth then dodge incoming Earth-line.
- Alternatively just disable melee-assist and stay inside Alpha.

Teleporter[2]: Subject Alpha

Doesn't use Earth-line.
Walk out of Dragon's Tooth. Dodge Spike-AoE if needed.

Front door[3]: Subject Alpha

Doesn't use Dragon's Tooth.
Dodge Spike-AoE if needed. If he was facing you during Spike-AoE then dodge incoming Earth-line.
- Alternatively just disable melee-assist and stay inside Alpha (might be hard because of AoE).

Laser field

Three people have to pass laser field. Go naked to avoid repair bills.
There is gap between moving lasers, you should pass it between those.
- Use teleports/shadowsteps to by-pass moving parts.
- Hug wall to avoid moving parts.
Coordinate button-pushing.

Advanced Golem

Keep Protection turret destroyed. Ignore Retaliation turret.
Spins to knockdown melees.
Shoots bolts which knockdown (zig-zag to avoid).
Creates stunning energy fields.
Creates firewalls.
Golem locks on first ranged attacker for entire encounter.
- NPC is a great tank. Allow her to hit first to get aggro.

Submarine[1]: Security room

One player hacks one wave while others destroy golems.
- Bring offense and AoE damage.
Kill three veteran golems.
- Multiple people can hack simultaneously. This allows you to hack 2-4 last waves at the same while 1-3 players clean-up. Risky, may backfire.

Submarine[1]: Second Alpha

Save inquest to deal huge damage to Alpha.
- Suggested if Alpha gives problems.
Kill inquest to destroy veteran monsters.
- Suggested because Alpha is easier and faster with decent people.

Submarine[1]: Bjorn

Stand in front of pillars. Dodge his charge to remove his armor. Burst.
Avoid AoE circles.
If Bjorn stops moving everyone should move to melee-range. It is trying to reach someone without moving.

Teleporter & Front Door[2,3]: Closed door + Champion

Spread over to protect gun.
Kite Champion to prevent Frenzy-stacks.
- Stuns seem to remove all stacks.

Teleporter[2]: Root boss

Half of the players should clean up roots while other half directs bombs at boss with zap-gun.
- Don't hesitate swap role on fly if needed.
Cleaners should do their best to avoid aggroing golems while cleaning roots as fast as possible.
Directing golems is bit tricky. Easiest way is to allow them move to middle and then start directing.
- If golem gets aggroed even once it may refuse to act accordingly!

Front door[3]: Spider Champion

Stands still for a while to cast 2-3 extremely damaging Lava Fonts (6k-7k ticks).

Front door[3]: Evolved Destroyer

Destroyer casts Dragon's Tooth every ~5 seconds at one player.
- Gun users need to watch out and move a bit.
- People near Destroyer need to watch out and move a bit while also avoiding shield and lava.
- Use single-time blocks or other skills to help (especially when near Destroyer).
2-3 players should use guns to remove shield (no need for coordination).
- One player can do both upper guns with mobility.
- Players with 1500 range attacks should use guns because they can hit Destroyer from above while shield is down.
- Alternatively gun users can also go down to burst (risky but bit faster). Use stairs to get back.
2-3 players should go down, stand between shield & lava and burst Destroyer while shield is down.
- When shield starts blinking you have few more seconds.
- Play safe. Skip bursting if you need to heal. Get back early if unsure.
- Bring stun-breaker to quickly get back if you get knocked back to lava.
- Jump while on lava to reduce damage taken.
- Alternatively players can start from top and use stairs to get back.


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