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Caudecus Manor path 2

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Caudecus Manor path 2

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:58 pm

Path 2: Seraph

Level 45.
Difficulty: Medium.
Duration: Medium.

The beginning

Go inside house, go to stairs on left.
Go rooms and push buttons (first on right, last on left)
- If you have problems you can melee some targets through walls.
When going back you get ambushed at stairs. Don't fight at stairs to avoid getting sniped.
- Front door closes, you can still get through corridor south of the building.

Spike room

Moving on floor causes spikes to damage you. Use carpets and pillows.
- Leap/teleport and stability can be used to quickly pass the room.

Bridgette (use ranged swap)

When approaching waypoint watch out for ambush on left.
Symbol of Faith/Wraith: AoE on her feet. Low damage ticks. Strong Burning. Self Regeneration/Retaliation.
- Difficult to melee unless bigger range.
- Targeted player should break line of sight (go behind tree) to pull her out of Symbol.
Pure/True Strike: Melee. Medium damage.
- Stay max-melee range if you want to melee.
Spawns Sword: Melee. Low damage.
- Ignore unless it is attacking.
You can skip hunting dog by taking alternative route.

Bombing the gate

You need to have five kegs at the door to open it. Bandits carry them back.
1-2 players should kill trash monsters and randomly put kegs around (bait).
Rest should just bring mobility (utility skills) and place kegs.
If you have problems bring one keg to unreachable location (on table, etc.) and then sync drop 5 kegs without much threat.

Big group with cannons (use ranged swap)

Enemies are stationary ranged attackers, attack them from range to limit damage.
- You can skip the big group by hugging cliff on right.
Pull champion away from big group.

Necromancer boss

Lays wells: Low/Medium ticks. Different conditions.
- Avoid circles and bring condition removal.
- Reviving may be extremely difficult if you die on well.
Turns invulnerable and dashes: Multiple conditions on melee-range.
- Run away, dodge, block, etc.
- Abuse terrain. Run to tree-house and jump down, etc.


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