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Caudecus Manor path 3

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Caudecus Manor path 3

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:59 pm

Path 3: Butler

Level 45.
Difficulty: Medium.
Duration: Medium.

Sure-Shot Seamus

Focus veterans. Targeted player should kite Seamus around the house.
Seamus knocklocks -> bring stun-breaker and use interrupts (to save someone else).
Seamus stops briefly before shooting -> dodge or circle-strafe if meleeing
- Targeted player can render boss useless by proper positioning and movement (direct his shots away from your group).

Corridor of riflemen

Pull melees. Destroy turrets.
First room is crowded. Pull melee(s?) and destroy turrets before going in.
Second room has only turrets.
Reflect and use ranged attacks to kill rifle-men.


Push "secret" button as in story-mode.
Pick airgun, approach rocket turrets one by one and blow rockets back.
- Note that all fancy tactics about running past them (they turn) or aggroing multiple turrets just gets you killed.

Champion + spike corridor

Pull and fall back when dealing with Champion group.
- To easily get past traps you should sent one player to closed gate before boss dies.
Traps get disabled when one player gets past the enemy group (run until you).

Big area with lots of enemies

Hug right and jump on rock to avoid first two groups.
- Even if you take aggro you can probably shake them off by going forward and jumping down.
When you jump down there is a room below. Approach two riflemen as a group and head inside.
- This forces riflemen (2 + 4 from spawns) to cluster up for AoE punishment.
- If your party still wipes you can pick off lone targets with ranged attacks.


No idea what it does (aoe attacks? reflects?)
Melee players may go water and hit him from below (alternate between land & water burst-skills).
- No idea what happens if all players are underwater.


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