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Citadel of Flame Storymode

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Citadel of Flame Storymode

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:00 pm

Story Mode

Level 70.
Difficulty: Easy.
Duration: Medium.


His basic attacks cause firewall -> avoid.

Weapon-boss (ranged swap for first stage)

He has 4 stages: greatsword, hammer, axe? and dagger.
Greatsword: Whirldwind Attack (insta-gib if poor defense, mobile) -> immobilize right before attack (predict).
Hammer: Knockback -> stun-breaker.
Axe?: Shoots bolts, try to dodge.
Dagger: Cloaks (teleports too?) and attack similarly as with Greatsword (much weaker though) -> keep recalling him for quick targetting.

Flame effigies

Wait patiently, effigies wake-up one by one.

Second Waypoint (after cute cut-scene):

About 10 Flame Slimes will spawn at Waypoint -> wait to kill or rush in to skip.

Imp champion

Spawns exploding imps (burning) -> kill fast or just avoid.
Ambush at next bridge (one player should run to the bridge to trigger).

Flame effigy boss (use ranged swap, melee possible)

Shoots fire balls (dodge), calls firestorms (avoid), burns everything in large radius (ranged swap).
Condition removal to remove Burning.
1-2 players should stay near Acolytes (won't respawn). When their shield goes down they will quickly heal the flame effigy.

Final boss

Wait for balls to break on Logans forcefield. Throw hearts at the boss to damage and make him vulnerable.
Dodge balls, destroy walls (or just skip by jumping near edges).
Regen at forcefield.
Bring condition removal and mobility.


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