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Citadel of Flame path 1-3

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Citadel of Flame path 1-3

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:01 pm

Explorable Mode

Level 75.
Difficulty: Medium.
Duration: Short/Medium.

Super-weapon[1]: Acolytes (finding the engineer)

Keep focusing acolytes (standing in circle), kite everything else.

Super-weapon[1]: Flaming boulders

You need to get three flames past the boulders (be quick, they don't last long).
Proceed carefully, rushing gets you killed. Dodge only if absolutely necessary.
Go naked to avoid repair bill.

Super-weapon[1]: Gate and four brazers

4 players apporach their own brazers at the same time to open door and keep kiting/killing.
Last player goes in and destroys gate-lock as quickly as possible while kiting veteran enemy.
- By standing on torch you can jump over the gate to enter the area premately. Pull Veteran enemy away from the gate-lock.
- You should deal high damage and have a stun-breaker to deal with Veteran enemy (unless pulled away).

Super-weapon[1]: Legendary Effigy

Bring poison to reduce his regen.
Bring offense.
Kill crystal if possible.
Dodge his attacks.

Magg[2]: Defusing the bomb

Bring mobility.
One player should wait a bit before talking to Magg to give other people head-start.

Magg[2]: Lava-field

Bring mobility.
Extinquish flames with extinquisher. Get past. Jump to rock to make Magg teleport to you.
- If this fails keep your extinquisher, it might be necessary to revive Magg!
- Players with NPC-reviving abilities can revive Magg while he is on fire. Use his short moment to grab an extinquisher from him!
Teleport to "Shrine of Sacrifice" waypoint.

Magg[2]: Bombing the gate

Bring lots of offense. Focus casters.
- Alternatively you can graveyard-zerg. 2 guys inside the room trying to kite as long as they can. Replace dead players one by one.

Magg[2]: Stone

Sync kill Acolytes ("ready" -> "kill").
- Alternatively just kill.
Attack stone. Melee needs right position.

Tribune[3]: Torches

To remove the barrier you need to lit 5 torches at the same time.
Torches are guarded by 3 enemies with short respawn timer.
One player gets one torch (one of the torches doesn't require fighting).
Everyone clears 2 enemies and leaves 1 alive (prevents respawning). Once done they signal it with "ready", "r", etc.
- If you fear your dps is lacking you may weaken the last enemy and tank it (zig-zag to avoid shots).
Leader says "go" when everyone has signaled their readiness.
Everyone clears the last enemy, goes to the torch and signals "clear", "c", etc.
Leadery says "light" when everyone has signaled their cleariness.
Everyone lights their torch.

Tribune[3]: Bridge

Focus on normal enemies.
After bridge wait for mortars to clear huge enemy group.

Tribune[3]: The great hall

Focus on surviving.
- Get out of combat for quick regeneration.
Leave 2 enemies alive if you need to catch-up with healing or resurrect NPCs.

Tribune[3]: Bomb traps & Drake Champion

Go naked to avoid repair bill.
Being near a lit bomb explodes it after a short fuse (dodge).
First three bombs are trivial.
On long corridor avoid single bombs. When you get surrounded by red circles, wait ~0.2? seconds and dodge backwards.
- Mobility, leaps, etc. may allow you to just rush through.
After traps use ranged to destroy "mortars".
After "mortars" go to kill Drake (skip monsters if needed).
- Drake is soloable and spawns waypoint. This is extremely useful if some people can't make it past traps.

Tribune[3]: The tribune

Throws bolas to immobilize.
Throws hammer to knockback.
Melee attacks launch (sometimes to lava).
Turns invulnerable, goes to middle and spawns rock-waves (dodge).


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