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Twililght Arbor storymode

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Twililght Arbor storymode

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:02 pm


Level 50.
Difficulty: Medium.
Duration: Medium.
Watch our for blossoms. Use them to rally.
Destroy mortars first.

Pod area

One person (caller) opens pods one by one. May contain hostile enemy.
- Unfortunately not much point to open them after this part.

Champion spider

Bring condition removal to remove poison and immobilize.

Mortar area

Pull enemy Knight away from mortars.
- Hugging left-side allows to skip it. Use ranged attack to deal with mortar.
Destroy mortars.


Dodge when she charges.
Bring stun-breaker in case you fail to dodge.
Abuse Z-elevation for easy kiting, she doesn't know how to jump or fall.

Lake of Fear (after water tunnel)

Do not cross the bridge! Instead just run forward through water to Necromancer and Ranger.
- This skips the second hardest encounter.

Brangoire (use ranged swap)

He spawns exploding poison-gas spiders, keep circle-strafing.
- Try to stick together to keep spiders in one place.
Bring stun-breaker to remove fear.
Bring condition removal to remove poison.


He occasionally turns one party member to a cat -> kill dog to cure.

The nursery

Again caller opens pods.
- Throw essence at champion.
Champion is melee attacker with plenty of knockdowns.

Faolain and the clones

Caller picks either Z or E to focus.
One person draws aggro of melees (L and R) and attempts to stay alive.
Rest of the party deals as much damage as possible to bring target quickly down.
Once target is down Faolain will attempt resurrect, damage her enough to prevent this.
Repeat for remaining clones.


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