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Twililght Arbor path 1-3

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Twililght Arbor path 1-3

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:03 pm


Level 55.
Difficulty: Up (Easy) < Forward-Up (Medium) < Forward-Forward(Medium).
Duration: Up (Short) < Forward-Up (Medium) < Forward-Forward(Medium).
Pay attention to blossoms, don't unnecessarily kill them because you need them for rallying (switch target -> one hit -> rally).

Wurm Champion (use melee weapons)

Champion spawns more wurms based on its health (75%, 50%, 25%). Focus veteran wurms, finish off Champion when it is at 25% health.
Dodge/Block wurms AoE knockback (big red circle).
Offense to quickly kill veteran wurms.
Condition removal to remove Poison from blossoms.

Path Up: Malrona, Spider

One player should pull ambushing spiders (3 groups) to tunnel.
Malrona alternates between two attacks poison-spray and cluster-AoE.
Avoid spray by circle-strafing.
Dodge cluster-AoE (melee has to predict based on animation).
After Malrona people usually skip most of the fights (may kill first spiders and start running when wurms show-up).
- If you want to skip discuss it with your team before-hand so you can prepare.

Path Up: Fyonna, Sylvari/Spider

Pull Fyonna away from eggs (touching spawns an enemy).
After Fyonna people usually skip most of the fights. Go as a team and hug left wall.

Path Forward: Ambush

After reaching dead Sylvari you get ambushed -> focus one side first.

Path Forward-Up: Husk Champion

Dodge to remove Bee-debuff.

Path Forward-Up: Deathly Insects

Insects are invulnerable and will kill you in seconds.
Get cloak from fountain and proceed while avoiding springs.
- Patience is the key. Slowly move forward while looking for the best way.
Bring mobility in case you get uncloaked and need to run for it.

Path Forward-Up: Vivena

Attack Husk immediatelly and try to keep Leurent alive (meat-wall).
Chaos Storm: Deals major damage and inflicts conditions, dodge.
Chaos Armor (shield): Deals conditions when hit, stop hitting if low health and unable to remove conditions.
Cloaks and teleports: Keep hitting until she appears again.
You can skip Archers after Boss.

Path Forward-Forward: Leurent's elite guard, Bubble Archers

Walk through water to skip as in Story Mode.
Archers have protecting bubbles which one-hit when touched. Use ranged, bring block to enter bubble or use portals (icon shows exit for every portal).
After this just carefully pull.

All paths combine: Champion

Pull (especially with Forward-Forward).

Path Up: Nightmare Tree (use ranged weapons)

Keep distance to avoid mortars.
Full offense.
Kill Healing Seeds if possible.

Path Forward-Up: Nightmare Tree (use ranged weapons)

Stay maximum range to avoid spiders. Kill incoming spiders (don't let the Tree reset though).
- Heading to another "entrance" may be easier.
Right hand smash: Minor damage and immobilize on one target, tank.
Left hand smash: Major damage and vulnerability on big area after small delay, 1-2 dodges.

Path Forward-Forward: Nightmare Tree

Don't stay near boss during start, it deals very damaging AoE (1 hit).
Melees should stay behind the boss.
Avoid oakhearts.
- Alternatively one player may try to grab their aggro and just focus surviving.


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