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Fractal of the Mists

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Fractal of the Mists

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:17 pm

Fractaling 101

You get to the Fractals of the Mists dungeon through an asura gate in Lion’s Arch near the Claw Island Portage waypoint. There you and your party will enter a central hub where you can repair and access vendors. When you’re ready for the shenanigans to begin, simply step onto the central platform and you’ll be whisked away to your first challenge. This dungeon will pit your group against a random set of three fractals (mini-dungeons). There are eight fractals and each will test your group in a variety of ways.

After completing your first set of three fractals, you unlock the second difficulty level of the dungeon. Finishing a cycle of fractals on an even difficulty setting will pit your party against a special boss fractal where you will test your mettle against the tentacular Jade Maw. Higher difficulty levels will grant your enemies new abilities and increase their power, but consequently the rewards get sweeter as well. After difficulty level 10, a nasty condition called Agony is introduced, which eventually requires special infused ascended gear to mitigate, but that’s not important for the purposes of this beginner’s guide.

The Fractals In 200 Words Or Less

mmorpg guild wars 2 news guild wars 2 mmorpg Fractals Of The Mists Guide In 200 Words Or Less

Cliffside Fractal

Gawk at the awesome colossus, but feel sad that he’s imprisoned by magical seals. Defeat Legendary Archdiviner and steal his hammer. Charge hammer by killing enemies. Hit hammer skill 4 to break two ankle seals binding the colossus. Drop hammer and let others grab it every 30 seconds to avoid corruption.

Climb up scaffolding. Don’t let gargoyles blow you off. Break more seals while avoiding area-of-effect damage. In the next area, there are two seals separated by a hallway. After damaging one of the seals, it becomes immune until you hit the other one. Go back and forth killing adds, charging hammer, and damaging the seals until they break.

Climb up while avoiding explosions on ramp. Fight boss. At 75% life, grab hammer, charge it and hit seal. Repeat every 25% life until seal is broken. If you’re locked in a cage, break out. Free colossus and watch him walk away.

Bonus achievement: Do a /bow or /wave emote when the colossus does his silent thank you.

Aquatic Ruins Fractal

Go underwater. Save fisherman from cages while killing krait. In the next part, you will either be turned into a defenseless dolphin or not. If you’re a dolphin, you need to use your abilities to sneak passed the krait. Skill 1 reveals hidden krait. Skill 2 creates a fish to distract krait. Skill 3 surges you forward in a straight line. Skill 5 revives allies and ports them to you.

If you’re not a dolphin, you need to swim in the dark following paths of bioluminescent plants on the sea floor. Stay in the dark too long and you’ll get eaten by a school of ill-tempered fish. The bubbling geysers are safe spots. Use them as checkpoints. Some luminous plants can be carried for short time periods and provide immunity to the fish. They also can resurrect fallen foes by using skill 1.

Fight big jellyfish boss. He spawns adds, swallows you whole, and shocks you for no noticeable damage. Kill him faster near electrified cages.

Bonus achievement: As a dolphin, swim passed the krait without getting caught.

mmorpg guild wars 2 news guild wars 2 mmorpg Fractals Of The Mists Guide In 200 Words Or Less

Underground Facility Fractal

Stand on pressure plates to open gates. There’s one plate to the left that opens the first gate. Then there is a path to the right with another plate, which opens the second gate. Once everyone is past the second gate, you’ll fight ever-spawning dredge in the central room. One person needs to channel the control panel uninterrupted, while two others stand on the two pressure plates in the room.

Next fight many dredge and blow open the door. You will either blast through it using dredge mining cannons or you will plant bombs to do so. Next fight Champion Rabsovich and his friends. Kill little dredge until they stop coming. Then focus fire on Rabsovich and interrupt the veteran dredge’s gong playing with crowd control.

The final boss is either the Legendary Dredge Powersuit or the Legendary Hulking Ice Elemental. The group stays together, kiting the boss around the room while one member runs up the platforms and drops buckets of molten lava on the boss. This superheats the boss and makes him vulnerable to damage. Keep him superheated at all times while avoiding his attacks and you’ll destroy him.

Bonus achievement: Defeat Rabsovich without dying.

Swampland Fractal

If this is the first fractal in your set of three, consider going back to the hub and starting over! This one can be a bit rough on an inexperienced group. Three stumps. Three wisps. All three wisps need to be brought back to the stumps within a small window of time. Split up group. Three people carry the wisps and the other two will help protect them. Watch for traps and use condition removal to stop them from slowing you. The trees can move blocking your path. Prepare to curse at them. Killing the swamp creatures is fruitless as they respawn.

After getting the wisps to the stumps, you’ll need to fight one of two bosses. Bloomhunger is an ornery tree who summons adds. Kill them. Kill him. The Mossman (He-Man for the win!) summons wolves and hits with devastating melee attacks. Kill him.

Bonus achievement: Don’t trigger any traps in the swamp.

mmorpg guild wars 2 news guild wars 2 mmorpg Fractals Of The Mists Guide In 200 Words Or Less

Uncategorized Fractal

We heard you like jumping puzzles. Hop along platforms while killing harpies. In the first room, destroy the power node to release four monsters. Defeat them in size order: vorpal bunny, bandit, flame legion shaman, and ettin. Next you will run up a ramp as pulses of electricity arc down towards you. Use dodges to make it to the top. There are three consoles at the top, which can turn off the trap if they are activated at the same time.

Face your first cat-golem, named Old Tom. He has a nasty poison, which can be countered by activating the exhaust fan behind him. The fan will need to be activated multiple times during the fight. Kill him.

More jumping with harpies. Hooray!

Face the raving asura and his four cat-golems. The meowing robots will activate one at a time and then you’ll fight them all at the same time. Professor Mew will charge the group with either positive or negative energy, illustrated by an icon over your character’s head. Group up with like charges and avoid people with the opposite. Once the cat-golems are down, the fight is over.

Bonus achievement: Don’t fall during the jumping puzzle.

Snowblind Fractal

It’s cold. You get frostbite. Stay near lit bonfires to get stacks of warmth. Light bonfires using rusty torches. When you get to the wall of ice, melt it by burning wood stacks. Kill Sons of Svanir while you do this.

Kill the ice elemental. Light fire pits to stay warm. Keep torches near the fire pits to relight them when the boss puts them out. Spread out as the boss will attack with AoE and knockbacks. He will teleport the party to random places and summon adds. Kill him and it gets much warmer without the need for hot chocolate.

Grab a torch and go through the dark forest. Follow tracks and search for survivors. Find the cave and engage the Legendary Shaman. When he kneels, he’s healing. Smack him to stop it. He will encase people in ice with his frosty breath. Break out of it. When he teleports up to the platform, get ready to dodge AoE ice attacks.

Bonus achievement: Light every bonfire in the fractal.

mmorpg guild wars 2 news guild wars 2 mmorpg Fractals Of The Mists Guide In 200 Words Or Less

Volcanic Fractal

Kill waves of grawl. Avoid flaming boulders, Indiana Jones-style. Defeat the champion grawl shaman. He has a shield, which can be destroyed by throwing flaming rocks at him. Stop his veterans from knocking the captives off the cliff.

Run down broken mine cart track killing bats along the way. Kill the legendary grawl shaman. Don’t fall in the lava. Keep moving to avoid taking damage from a nasty debuff. Avoid pools of lava. Every 25% he will put up a shield, spawn adds, and try to kill a villager to heal. Knock his shield down with quick hits and conditions.

Bonus achievement: Don’t fall in the lava.

Urban Battlegrounds Fractal

You’re a Flame Legion charr. You hate humans. Hug the left wall and travel around the battlefield to the gate. Defeat the nearest ballista and then target the three vats of burning oil on top of the gate. Then focus down siegemaster Dulfy before she can repair the siege weapons.

Go through the gate and fight your way through packs of Ascalonians to make it to the courtyard. Approach the courtyard cautiously and draw packs of enemies away from siege weapons to take them out methodically. Once the courtyard is clear, a Flame Legion shaman will join you. Protect him while he does an evil fiery ritual.

Captain Amysh will appear and is the final boss of this fractal. He hits hard and has protection and retaliation boons on him. Dodge the attacks of his summoned squires, while you spread out and attack him. At 25% health increments, he may cast devastating fire spells, so be prepared to dodge them.

Bonus achievement: Slay all of the chickens in Ascalon prior to defeating Captain Amysh.

mmorpg guild wars 2 news guild wars 2 mmorpg Fractals Of The Mists Guide In 200 Words Or Less

Solid Ocean Fractal

This is a special bonus boss event that appears at the end of an even-difficulty set of fractals. You’ll jump on some platforms and kill some enemies and then face a giant one-eyed menace called the Jade Maw. Stay together and clear enemies on his platform. Then kill the tentacles from range. Killing enemies will cause them to drop reflecting crystals, which are used to reflect the Jaw Maw’s death ray attack.

When the Jade Maw targets you, a bright red skull icon will appear above your head. Quickly grab a reflecting crystal, which will absorb the attack. Now throw the charged crystal at the Jade Maw to hurt it. If you don’t have a crystal, dodge the beam or die. No pressure! Tentacles will continue to respawn until the boss is defeated. When the boss dies, he does one last death laser, which will kill everyone unless they are holding a crystal.

Bonus achievement: Slay every creature in the fractal.


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Re: Fractal of the Mists

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Re: Fractal of the Mists

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wonderful raven! absolutely wonderful!

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Re: Fractal of the Mists

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