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Weekly Lottery Rules

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Weekly Lottery Rules

Post  Toonville on Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:12 pm

Wanna participate in the guild lottery game?
feeling lucky?
then let's have some fun in the guild lottery game!

Rules: if you're interested in taking part in the guild lottery game, you have to reply to this post and say me! together with your IGN and next deposit 30s into the guild stash. Once we have confirmed that the 30s have been deposited we will acknowledged your post then issue you a number.

On Saturday's 10am EST, 7am PST, 11pm GMT+8, we will be announcing the results and the top 3 winners who have their no. matched will receive an amount of cash.

With the following returns:
Top 1: Top amount placed in x 50% (i.e. total placed is 1g, then you'll receive 50s)
2nd Prize: Top amount placed x 20% (i.e. total placed is 1g, then you'll receive 20s)
3rd Prize: Top amount placed x 10% (i.e. total placed is 1g, then you'll receive 10s)

With the rest of the guild fund (i.e. in this scenario would be 20s kept in the bank for future event)

**Note: only 1 ticket per person is allowed.



Sign up example

Toon Name : Toonvilles Cheater
In Game Name :Toonville.5129
Deposited : 30s


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