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Special way of doing CoF (for money only)

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Special way of doing CoF (for money only)

Post  defyfate on Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:43 am

Ok now this is a special way of doing CoF that I have joined before.

The main theme of this way is just pure coins profit. The idea is to get everyone in berserker's gear (or any high damage gear for that matter), and keep spamming CoF path 1.

Also, people tend to skip mobs on the bridge linking the 1st boss to the acolytes room, as those mobs do not drop any money.

So everyone should be in their highest damage gear, and have omnomberry bars (or peach tarts, but you'll get less money from bosses). Note that only the first boss (the charr slaver with his effigy) and the last boss (the searing effigy) drops money, so if the effects of your food wears off anywhere in between, you don't have to eat yet; simply wait until you are about to fight a boss that drops money.

The main point of doing this is that, if done correctly, a CoF path 1 run can be done within about 8-10 minutes, yielding about 50s at least per run. If you continue to do CoF path 1, you'll get less rewards at the end of the dungeon (the diminishing returns thing), however, you will still get as much coins from chests / bosses as you did the first time. So people keep spamming CoF path 1 for quite a lot of money actually.


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