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differences between fractals lvl 1-9 and lvl 10 onwards

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differences between fractals lvl 1-9 and lvl 10 onwards

Post  defyfate on Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:11 am

In this post I'll talk a little about the differences between fractals of level 1-9 and level 10.

Volcanic fractal (The grawl one):
There are two main differences between doing this fractal on lvl 10 + and lvl 1-9. Firstly, the shamans appeared when you are asked to defend the captives before the first boss will have a swiftness buff (cannot be removed) on them. Also, when fighting the final boss (the legendary imbuned shaman), his skill that causes you to burn and also burn allies around you now applies agony, which ticks for quite a lot if you do not have agony resistance.

Underground fractal (The dredge one):
This fractal doesn't change much also, again except the agony. The dredge mining suit boss applies agony when he does the ground slamming AoE. The ice elemental boss applies agony when he heals (not very sure about that, and also it seems to only target one single person).

Swampland fractal (Mossman or Bloomhunger):
When doing the wisps part, Mossman can now apply agony if you get hit by the dagger that he throws at you. At the boss fight, Mossman again applies agony when the thrown dagger hits (the dagger bounces between targets, and all targets hit will get the agony condition). Bloomhunger will apply agony when his shake move hits (the one that shoots AoE red circles at players).

Solid Ocean fractal (Jade maw):
Again there's not much of a difference between lvls 1-9 and lvl 10+. However Jade Maw applies agony on every player when players finish killing the two initial tentacles, and when players finish killing the Jade giants. If you have no agony resistance, its agony will get you into downed state.

Cliffside fractal (Freeing the giant):
The first boss and the last boss applies agony. The first boss applies agony when he knocks you down, or when you fail to dodge his AoE condition circles. The last boss does the same, with an additional skill that applies agony (the AoE light skill, which he uses after 50% HP).

Uncategorized fractal (Raving asura):
The harpies which are once very easy to kill now shoots AoE knockback electric balls, which will knock you off the jumping puzzle if you get hit. People uses stability or skills that absorb / reflect projectiles here to avoid being knocked off.
At Old Tom (The golem first boss), the fan is no longer auto-powered. Instead, some crystals can be found near the fan switch (interact with the little "stands" near the fan switch to get one). These crystals have to be inserted into the power panels. Both power panels have to have a crystal inserted before the fan can be activated. Most people go into the room at the edge of the doorway so that they do not trigger the boss, and run crystals from the fan switch to the power panels first before starting the boss. Note that after inserting a crystal in each of the power panels, there should be 3 crystals near each of the power panels.
At the boss (Raving asura), the golems are just similar to those in levels 1-9, but the raging asura now applies agony when his "3 electric balls" skill hits.

Snowblind fractal (The ice elemental source):
Nothing much of a difference here in this fractal, except that the final boss (Legendary Lonar Shaman) applies agony if his falling ice hits you.

Aquatic ruins fractal (The jellyfish one):
Nothing much of a difference here also, but the jellyfish boss now applies agony when he eats you.

Urban Battlegrounds fractal (Ascalon):
Nothing much of a difference, except the final boss (The gay man) applies agony when he does the "fire spreading" move (the one that he blows 2 strikes of fire out of nowhere, with the second strike of larger area than the first). Note that this agony almost always kills off the NPCs, so don't rely on NPCs anymore. Instead, try to 1200 range the boss will help.


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