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Guild 3 strikes rule

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Guild 3 strikes rule

Post  keigo on Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:28 pm

Dear guildies, the guild will be implementing a new regulation on all guild members, be it the vice commanders to our SD members.

All guild members will have to adhere to the new regulation, which is the "3 strikes rule"

The reason for the 3 strikes rule is not to be harsh on the guild members and in fact i would still hope all guild members would enjoy the fun we have together and as the head of shimmering darkness, I would like to have a standard regulation for those "bad eggs" in the guild such that all of us would enjoy our stay here and to enforce the "peace-loving" core value to the guild.

As a guild member,
1. you should be considerate enough for your family members
2. to listen to your leaders and especially so during an event
3. should not use vulgarity on the others (other than jokes aside)
4. be nice to everyone in the guild
5. have tolerance with the guild members, if they are been nasty to you, you should inform the guild vice commanders/team leaders/guild leader (me)

Failing to do so:
First timer will receive a verbal reminder (through whisper)
2nd time offender will receive a written reminder
3rd time offender (last time) will be consulted by the respective leader & the guild leader
4th time: sorry, you've to go.

Once again, I would like to let our guild members know that our guild core values essentially are:
1. Be helpful
2. Be considerate
3. Be tolerant
4. Enjoy the fun we have together
5. Love each other like how you love your family members

I would like to emphasize that I'm not trying to be harsh on anyone but I would wish to create an environment that our guild is the best place to stay, the strongest yet fun-loving, peace-loving and helpful guild to be in.

I hope you guys would understand what I'm trying to do and please enjoy the fun we have together.

From: Your Guild Leader of SD

Guild leader

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