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Who loves Bacon?

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Who loves Bacon?

Post  LordDVS on Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:30 pm

I do! I was born/raised in Chicago, but currently reside in Las Vegas. I work at a famous Casino/Hotel on the Strip. I play a lot of video games to keep me out of trouble! I always go by LordDVS in online games, but that's just my acct name in Guild Wars 2. I have 8 characters, 1 for each class:

Bacon Lover - Sylvari Mesmer
Pure Wrath - Human Elementalist
Utsemi - Human Thief
The Jaquio - Charr Warrior
Kyra Darkraven - Norn Ranger
The Last Barfighter - Norn Guardian
Critical Impact - Asura Engineer
Terror Fear - Norn Necromancer

I'm working on my 5th lvl 80 as of this posting. I plan to cap all 8 (yes, even Engineer) eventually. I enjoy this game so much, I don't want to limit myself to just one class. That, and I find little joys in playing each, I can't yet settle on a main (though, I consider Bacon as such).

My first, and longest played MMO was Final Fantasy XI Online (FFXI). I've also played a few others like WoW and SWTOR. I'm a firm believer that a MMO is only as good as its community, the people you play with. I've played GW2 since open beta and have since bounced around guilds, small and large, that all were dull. SD is the first I've been in that actually is populated, helpful, friendly, and just all out fun.

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