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PVE build i use

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PVE build i use

Post  koorisamu on Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:23 am

I just play what i love, it's not a common build for necro.
And this is for PVE only, i never play PVP. (WVW work well too, but its too class cannon Razz )

As a necro, Death Shroud is very important.
It's your second HP bar, can block many boss deadly damage, like jade maw in fotm even scale final,I blocked its final attack with my entire Death Shroud bar without crystal.
The time you use Death Shroud is important as well, coz you can get some buff when you use it.
#As a class with 100 bugs listed, you can't even see any conditions,buffs and endurance bar when you are in Death Shroud.So most of time i downed right after end my Death Shroud by unexpected conditions on me.

Weapons i choose Staff + Dagger/Dagger. Staff is for great AOE, and Daggers are for direct damage.
In PVE, Staff is a good weapon in any events.
With traits, their radius are very big, cast range is 1200 and add with radius 240 = can hit your em at most 1440 range.

Trait I choose is 0/30/10/0/30 sometime 0/30/10/10/20

skills 67890 are

6: Consume Conditions Feast on your conditions, gaining health for each one consume.
Good skill for cure conditions, CD 25s.

7: Well of Darkness Target area pulses, blinding foes with each pulse.
Its a tank skill. Duration 5s. Apply blind to em every second in the circle.
So you can see warriors use their 100B but attacking air in this circle, its funny.
With trait, you can cast it whereever you want with radius 240.
With trait, you can also apply chill when you apply blind.
Use this skill in PVE won't let you enter battle mode, work well when you are doing JP with mobs around. Cast this around mobs and keep doing your JP, Very Happy .
#Don't use this skill on dredges, they immune blind. Better change this to Well of Corruption when you face them.

8: Well of Suffering Target area pulses, damaging foes and inflicting vulnerabil.
It is an AOE damage skill, work well in any events. Cast only 1/4 second and can do damage every second.
Its damage counts as direct damage, so critical can work on each hit.

9: Spectral Walk Create a shadowy tether and become spectral, gaining life force when struck. You may return to your initial position by using Spectral Recall.
Nice skill for speed buff and breakstun.
Good for chasing and JP(Can return the place you jump failed Razz ).
#When you are dropping, use this skill twice fast enough, the height you drop will recount as the height when you first time use this skill.

0: Summon Flesh Golem Summon a flesh golem to attack foes with crippling claws.
An idiot pet, better use it after you know what it will do at any situation Crying or Very sad .
Can always apply cripple on foe, annoying one.
Can charge a line of foes and knockdown them, good control skill.
Use it smart, the line can be straight or horizonal. Razz
#Charge can decrease "Unshackable" for 18 layers on single boss at the corner.
#In WVW, if the angle good enough, downed ppl with nearly full downed HP will killed by Charge with one single hit.


III(Shimmering Darkness... oh,wrong Chilling Darkness) When you blind a target, you also apply chill for 1 second.
This is for Well of Darkness, they work well together.

IX(Focused Rituals) Well skills use ground targeting.
This is for well skills, you can cast them in range 900, it means you can kill em on the wall with your well skills, useful.

XII(Withering Precision) 25% chance to cause weakness on critical hits.
You may ask "What is Weakness ?"
This is Weakness.
"Endurance regeneration decreased by 50%; 50% of Non Critical hits are glancing blows (50% damage); stacks duration."
Bosses in PVE seldom do critical damage(Or just I never pay attention aboyt that Rolling Eyes )
"Stack duration" So it means whatever mobs you met in PVE, their damage decrease to averge 75%, Guardians tank as they buff themselves, Necro tank is to weakness your foes.

Death Magic II

II (Greater Marks) Increases area of marks and marks become unblockable.
If you use Staff,must use this trait.
It imporve the marks(Staff skill 2345) radius from 120 to 240. So it means 4 times Effective area.
And Unblockable, when you see warrior with shield you can just cast every staff AOE skills on him, him can't block anyone.
#Staff 5 with this trait can also interrupt the foes blocking.

Soul Reaping (II or III or IV or VI) / X / XI

II III IV VI are useful, jsut choose what you like.

For tank long
II(Vital Persistence) Life force drains 25% slower while in death shroud.

For high DPS
VI(Unyielding Blast) Life Blast pierces and causes vulnerability.

For running fast and break stun (work with Spectral Walk)
IV(Spectral Mastery) Spectral skills recharge 20% faster.

For faster CC skill and dps
III(Path of Midnight) All death shroud skills recharge 15% faster.

X(Soul Marks) Marks generate 3% life force when triggered.
A good trait gained DS when you use staff.

XI(Foot in the Grave) Gain stability for 3 seconds when you enter death shroud.
The only way can necro gain stability without transfrom. (Useful in AC Very Happy )
If you don't need it, use 0/30/10/10/20 instead,
Blood Magic VI
VI(Transfusion) Life Transfer heals nearby allies.
This trait let DS skill 4 heal allies, very useful.

Gears i use now is full TA set, power/pre/con dmg
runes of nightmare *6

sigils can choose what you like, I always use critical apply conditions or sigil of corruption.

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