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Lore Library FAQs

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Lore Library FAQs

Post  Historian on Fri Jan 25, 2013 3:37 pm

Welcome to the Lore Library! We are actively adding new publications to our collection, and welcome you to read over everything you find interesting. Be sure to look over our Lore Library FAQs below to understand how this project works, what we hope to accomplish, and what you can do to participate.


WHAT IS THE LORE LIBRARY PROJECT? A place that embodies the knowledge of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. We know that much of the information contained in this library can be found elsewhere, however we feel it's important to create a library of lore in a way that promotes fluid interaction, as well as allowing us to discuss our own views on certain topics.

WHY BOTHER? for the sake of learning, reading, and entertaining the guild and HoD populace!

CAN'T WE JUST FIND MOST OF THIS INFO ON THE WIKI? Of course you can! And there are some things we have included here that have been paraphrased from the Official Wiki itself. However, we are attempting to organize Guild Wars lore in a way that you would find books in a library. This is why we call forum sections within the Lore Library "shelves" versus threads. This presents a familiar atmosphere for readers, while at the same time fulfilling our passion for knowledge.

WHERE DO YOU GET THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN YOUR BOOKS? We use numerous sources to complete our collection. This can include official blog posts and videos, interview transcripts from developers, official wiki references, tweets, Guild Wars books, and other various discussion forums. A large proportion of our collection has been compiled using all or many of these sources, while some are purely composed from scratch. We will always do our best to give credit where credit is deserved. Be sure to comment on a shelf or book that you think needs more accurate citation. In the rare case where we extract direct information, we will be sure to make it clear to you, and give you the necessary means to research the source itself.

WHY CAN'T I START A SHELF OR BOOK? In order to keep our shelves organized, complete, and clean, we only allow administrators to initiate shelves or books within the Lore Library. Because we treat this collection like a library, imagine if individuals were allowed to put any book they wanted on a shelf - this would cause problems. However, responding to a post is open to all - even those who are not guild members. This allows for discussion, clarification, and appropriate corrections. If we see a comment that reveals new information or an alternative viewpoint, we will then research it as a group and update the book if so desired.

HOW DO I SUBMIT A SUGGESTION FOR A NEW BOOK? In the Lore Library among the other shelves, you can post your suggestions in the Suggestions shelf. We are working all the time to update shelves and books, so be patient.

WHEN WILL THERE BE NEW PUBLICATIONS? As mentioned before, we are working hard to publish new materials all the time. You can check out the most recent Bulletin for update notes, or visit our Twitter feed for tweets about new additions.

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