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The Elusive Skritt

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The Elusive Skritt

Post  Historian on Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:22 pm

The Elusive Skritt

The Skritt, often seen as the annoying, stupid, thieving pests of Tyria. All of which is true, but they are an enduring race that’s had to put up with years and years of eradication by Asuran technology, and the rise of Primordus. They once lived underground and fought for territory and resources with the Asura. They managed to keep up with Asuran intelligence through the use of large numbers and rapid breeding. Those are also one of the main reasons why the Asurans thought it best to massacre them, believing that if the Skritt were not kept in low numbers they would overpopulate and become a massive threat to the civilized world.


A lone skritt isn’t all too bright, in fact they generally only have enough brainpower to survive for a short amount of time, but as a race, the skritt aren’t stupid, they dress and arm themselves as most races would, they even build huts and small villages called “Scratches”
their intelligence comes from numbers, rather than using the first idea that pops into their little brains they can gather two, three or maybe a hundred ideas depending on how many skritt are present. This is accomplished through their form of communication, it’s incredibly fast paced, they can share many ideas in mere seconds, couple that with a hundred Skritt and they can surely outsmart and Asura genius!

This information sharing generally comes off as buzzing or chirping to any of the other races, and when there is communication between the races, or if for example a human were to try speaking with them, the skritt would simply keep talking as they often assume you would understand them, which is very unlikely considering Skritt-speech leaves out many details that the other civilized races would consider important. For reasons such as this, the skritt have been known to call other races “slow-witted not-skritt”.

A tribe “leader” is generally the fastest communicator, though they aren’t the leader in a sense that we’re used to, they do plan strategies to ensure the survival of the colony. Aside from that, the Skritt have no real deities or beings they look up to and worship, their philosophy states that “Life is for the living” and they often see things in a very positive way. As far as determining a gender goes, only the Asura have been able to find any differences between male and female skritt

While many believe that the skritt as dirt poor, stealing, nuisances, the skritt are actually quite picky about what they take and how they take it. For example, rather than rummaging through your dumpster, they would simply go up to you and tell you how heavy your sword is and why it’s best to give it to them. Albeit having an unhealthy obsession with shiny things the skritt do value useful objects over jewerly, seeing as jewelery would only slow them down, when a sword or bow could infact be helpful. They also value anything they are incapable of making themselves, as they are a curious race they will eventually tinker with it until they can discover how just about anything works, of course this also means that their things are likely to break and they will come searching for new items to steal.

The Rise of Primordus

When Primordus rose up from the depths of Tyria, the Asura, Skritt, Dredge, and other races were driven up to the surface, though originally the Asura believed to finally be rid of their annoying neighbours, the skritt did survive, though in small numbers. The rise of Primordus caused many skritt to scatter and flee in panic, this means much of their intelligence was lost and many of them died. Unfortunately for the Asura, there have been quite a few pockets of Skritt civilization found around Tyria.

In response to their survival the Asura have once again decided to vanquish everything Skritt.
They research and conduct experiments on them. Though the asura are widely mocked for their fear of a seemingly weak, harmless race of rat-like creatures, they have asked the other races for help exterminating skritt. The Charr happily agreed, finding new prey, which they find equally annoying, the Sylvari and Humans on the other hand prefer to set up alliances, which the skritt are often eager to agree to and will generally uphold, given there are enough Skritt around to remember the conditions they agreed to.

A tale of Skritt

“A small colony of skritt came upon a tribe of kodan and listened to the kodan philosophy. As a group, they were able to understand it very well, and one of them was impressed and wanted to learn more. The other skritt left the area, but that one stayed behind to study with the kodan. Unfortunately, once the other skritt left, he found himself in a terrible position—he was no longer intelligent enough to understand the kodan philosophy or remember why he idolized them so much. The feelings remained and he stayed with the kodan—but, tragically, he would never be able to truly understand them” - Ree Soesbee

Information has been gathered from:

Both Guild Wars, and Guild Wars 2 games. (Official GW wiki) (Official GW2 wiki)
The Historian Project
The official GW, and GW2 Timelines (“the movement of the world”)
The Guild Wars Books (Edge of Destiny,and Ghosts of Ascalon) (official GW2 forums) (official GW website) (official GW2 website)
quotes from various A-net, or NCsoft employees (will be named in book)


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Re: The Elusive Skritt

Post  keigo on Sat Jan 26, 2013 5:45 am

wow very well written!! good job historian!

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