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Training Program for grooming members to future leaders and team leaders

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Training Program for grooming members to future leaders and team leaders

Post  keigo on Tue Dec 11, 2012 12:55 am

Dear fellow guildies,

As part of the growing and reputable guild SD, the guild will be scheduling training programs to groom members to future leaders.

This course will be a comprehensive training program that focus on how and what to do as part of the leaders of the guild.

The training will focus on:
1. Grooming potential & passionate team leaders to our future leaders.
2. Grooming potential & passionate senior members to our future team leaders.

After the training program, members will then be evaluated for the next one week if they are ready to take on the new role. The training program assigned for the snr members will help the members to identify their passion in which role and then groom them towards their journey to future leaders.

The training programs will be conducted both by me and the respective leaders both in "class lessons " and field training in leading.

For those who had failed after the training program, please do not give up if you have a goal to be part of the leaders to help out the guild, as there will be ongoing training program.

Schedule of the program to be announce again, most likely after Xmas.

Thanks and cheers!
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