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The Lost Shores

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The Lost Shores

Post  Historian on Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:49 pm

The Lost Shores

Karkas, a newly discovered aquatic, four legged, armoured massive crab race has attacked Lion’s Arch! Fortunately, the Lionguard, with help from some heroic citizens managed to drive them off. Though the Karka threat did not leave without causing some destruction first, the Lighthouse was completely torn down by the "Ancient Karka" (somewhat of a broodmother to the Karkas) as it was leaving.

Volunteers now aided the Lionguard to discover what truly led the Karkas to attack Lion’s arch, after some thorough research they were led to a trade organization named the Consortium, and found a small, loud, irritating, and extremely repetitive Asura by the name of Subdirector Blingg. After some minor questioning and simple persuading he led the Lionguard to a Tengu trading post where they discovered Subdirector Noll, who was a bit harder to convince and took a quick brawl to win over. He then informed The Lionguard of a deal, between The Consortium and a Secondborn Sylvari named Canach, Canach and his team would explore and develop the island Southsun Cove as a vacation resort, which the Consortium Trading Company would then use to further their prosperity. Unfortunately after finding Canach and learning the Truth, the Lionguard realised they were in for a fight.

The following day The Lionguard and many volunteers had actually travelled to Southsun Cove where they set up camps, and cleared the island, from here they would launch their counter-attack against the Karkas. After spending the day clearing off much of the island, and slaughtering many Karka hatchlings and youth, They decided it was time to end the threat once and for all.

The plan was simple, bomb the hive, then lure the Ancient Karka, and bomb it too.
Sounds easy! but it was a long, grueling fight of roughly two and a half hours! this took hundreds of Volunteers and Lionguard, they lured it to the top of the hive, where the bombs had been set previously in preparation for this fight, But, the Lionguard had been Sabotaged, the Karkas had webbed the explosives. Fortunately for them, they managed to hold down the Ancient Karka and destroy the webbing, at this time the combined force of the explosives, and the massive battle took out the ground underneath the Ancient Karka. from there it took a long plummet down into Lava which it did not survive, the Karka threat was over, and it was all thanks to the many volunteers that aided the Lionguard in this event.

Southsun cove stands today not as a vacation resort, or a Karka hive, but that’s not to say it isn’t dangerous there, be well equipped and well prepared if you want to visit the remaining Karkas, or check out the now lifeless body of the Ancient Karka.

The Update:

Along with this event came an update (November 16th, 2012) which added:
The Southsun Cove island
Ascended Items
The Fractals of the mist dungeon
and Temple of the Silent Storm (SPvP map)

Information has been gathered from:

Both Guild Wars, and Guild Wars 2 games. (Official GW wiki) (Official GW2 wiki)
The Historian Project
The official GW, and GW2 Timelines (“the movement of the world”)
The Guild Wars Books (Edge of Destiny,and Ghosts of Ascalon) (official GW2 forums) (official GW website) (official GW2 website)
quotes from various A-net, or NCsoft employees (will be named in book)


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