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Historian in the House

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Historian in the House

Post  Historian on Sat Feb 09, 2013 4:29 pm

'evening everyone! I'm Lenny, but most people call me Trav, or Historian after my
main character: Traveling Historian. I Have been playing GW2 since beta, and the original GW for 6 years, most of that time i spent in Pre-Searing.
I am a ranger fan at heart, always have been in GW and now GW2, and i must say, i'm not dissapointed with the proffesion.
It's been nice to meet you all, and i'm very glad i had the chance to join SD.
I have spent A LOT of time in WvW (of course with HoD from the very start Smile)
So i've gotten quite close with a lot of the core WvW players here, and as some of you may not know i've also been commanding on HoD for quite some months, 3 or 4 now i think. The reason i won't display my commander tag in Guild WvW events is because as core-players we have a rule to limit the amount of commanders on the map.

Anyways enough of that Rambling, i'm a huge fan of GW Lore, and thus have been compiling it into what we've been calling "Books" and will be posting them in the library boards here on the forums, If you want to take a look, check the links below. We'll be posting a new book every Saturday.

Check out this link for the Forum Lore Library:
And this one Questions, requests, and basic info:

- If anyone wants to help with the Library Project, give me a shout, I wouldn't mind having an extra Write or two. Very Happy

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