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Dead Zex 80 Necromancer

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Dead Zex 80 Necromancer

Post  Dead Zex on Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:41 pm

Hello to all my Shimmering Darkness guildmates. I started playing MMORPGs in 1999 when Everquest came out. In 2006 I switched to Rappelz. In 2009 I switched to Aion. Played and mastered clerics in all of them so I was always a solid player in the triad system of MMORPG but GW2 is different as you know and I feel like a total newb all over again. I started playing GW2 around Christmas of 2012 and soloed and kept quiet till I hit level 80. Lately I have been doing dungeons with SD guild and WvW events. I have found SD members to be quite patient and kind in offering advice and trying to keep their guild active. I am digging SD very much and have achieved Senior member. I hope to contribute to the guild as much as I can though I tend to be a loner. I am retired in real life so I play as much as I can. I have found the necro class to be very challenging as they are very different from necromancers in other games I have played. I have also found that GW2 is a very complex game not only in it's abundant content but also the game dynamics and mechanics. I think I am gonna have to spend a great deal of time on Youtube gaining insight so I can figure out the ins and outs of this game. Fortunately the GW2 community is very supportive on the web and there is a massive amount of help content out there. Anyhow I am looking forward to learning this game and getting to know you guys. Till then...... PEACE. Very Happy

Dead Zex

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Re: Dead Zex 80 Necromancer

Post  niterage on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:26 am

How's it going Dead nex, sounds like your play style is quite similar to mine. I also started online gaming way back when "MUDs" were popular & continuhed through the years with multiple mmos. My primary class has always been clerics/healers, which as you noticed makes you change up a bit with GW2. If you get the chance take a look at my class post.

Combat Medic -aka- Fiora Cruth

It's a bit longer of a post...but, the information explains my play style & an In depth view of a build that matches .. Which, as it sounds from your intro may also give you some welcomed insight Wink

NiteRage .aka Fiora Cruth

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