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Hello from Mighty Joe

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Hello from Mighty Joe

Post  morby on Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:44 pm

Hello all,

I've been playing GW since beta GW1, maxed HoM. Started GW2 in the beta as well. My characters are:

Mighty Joe LVL-80 Guardian (main)
Jorra Longsword LVL-80 Warrior
Radar Blipp LVL-80 Thief
Morby LVL-80 Necro
Double Shot -80 Ranger
Tantrixx -80 Mesmer
Singe Claw (in process - Elementalist)

I really like PvE but have really taken to WvW! I have only done a couple dungeons.

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Re: Hello from Mighty Joe

Post  niterage on Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:22 am

heya mighty joe,
nice to meet you. glad you could check our forums & welcome to our familly.. i myself haven't done much with the WvW side. but we have a ton of pvp'rs (& PvE'rs) that are always doing events; ; so hopefully you'l feel right at home Wink
i too had started in the betas with GW1 & played for quite awhile before switching to another mainline game. i'm glad arena-net got GW2 rollng cause t took forever from concept to dev stage.anyhow welcome to the guild & hope to see you ingame

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