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The Continent of Cantha

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The Continent of Cantha

Post  Historian on Sat Mar 02, 2013 1:50 pm


Humanity first settled into Cantha in 786 BE in the north, and was united into one large empire by Cantha’s first emperor Kaineng Tah in 510 BE, now known as the Empire of the Dragon. Later though, under the next emperor’s rule (Emperor Yian Zho) Two of the tribes which had originally been united into the empire decided to split off into their own separate nations, these were the Kurzicks, who moved south into the Echovald Forest, and the Luxons who travelled towards the Jade Sea. The Empire however still managed to beat the to newborn nations into submission as vassal states through their heavy use of numbers in military might. For much of it’s life Cantha had remained isolated, invisible to the rest of the world even. Their only way of trading with Tyria and Elona was through the seas, this is because Cantha is very far south across the Unending Ocean. Cantha finally began trade with the other continents in 221 AE because their resources alone were not enough for their growing population.

The Reign of Usoku: Usoku is the last known Emperor to take over Cantha, He spent an insane amount of gold to strengthen the military might of Cantha, with this power he immediately moved down to crush both the Kurzick and Luxon tribes to unite them under the Dragon Empire once again, Following this he began purging Cantha of all non-human tribes, including the naga, yeti, and even the Friendly Tengu tribes. Any who opposed his views was to be removed from Cantha and head elsewhere.

Shing Jea Island: This island sits to the west of the Canthan mainland, Formerly used from Logging, and eventually Farming, it was home to Yeti, Naga and Tengu tribes, until all of them had been exterminated and banished by Emperor Usoku. Shing Jea Island was also home to Cantha’s largest Institution, the Shing Jea Monastery, where Gifted students from all the corners of Cantha would go to train and study under the Empire’s greatest masters.

Kaineng City: Named after the first emperor Kaineng Tah, It was the Political and Financial capital of Cantha, while it had originally stood only in the north around Kaineng Center and Raisu Palace, it spread southward very rapidly after the Jade Wind to accommodate refugees. Many slums were formed this way, and much of the infrastructure collapsed due to buildings being built on top of other buildings.

Echovald Forest: Once it was the largest forest in Cantha, Home of the Kurzick people (before Usoku crushed them) The Jade wind petrified the entire Forest, turning every tree (along with many other living things) to stone. The Kurzicks had eventually began living in stone structures and citadels carved out of the largest Trees. It has been said that after the events of 1072 AE Wildlife is returning to the forest.

The Jade Sea: This sea once covered in a greenish tinted water (Which is where it got the name) was home to the Luxons and many Naga. The Jade Wind had solidified the water turning it into actual Jade, This meant the death of uncountable Naga, and Also meant the Luxons could no longer sail through the sea. The Luxons adapted, and eventually began to harvest the Jade for decoration, and the magic properties it contained. Just as the Echovald Forest, after the events of 1072 AE with the defeat of Shiro, actual water has been seen again.

Information has been gathered from:

Both Guild Wars, and Guild Wars 2 games. (Official GW wiki) (Official GW2 wiki)
The Historian Project
The official GW, and GW2 Timelines (“the movement of the world”)
The Guild Wars Books (Edge of Destiny,and Ghosts of Ascalon) (official GW2 forums) (official GW website) (official GW2 website)
quotes from various A-net, or NCsoft employees (will be named in book)


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