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The Continent of Elona

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The Continent of Elona

Post  Historian on Sat Mar 02, 2013 1:59 pm

Elona, Land of the Golden Sun

“Elona thrives in a realm surrounded by savannahs, deserts, plains, and wastelands. Three allied provinces stand side by side to support this proud nation. To the west is Istan, an island province littered with the ruins of an earlier Elonian empire. To the east is Kourna, known for its fiercely loyal soldiers, dedicated army, expansive estates, and agriculture. The northern province of Vabbi is home to wealthy merchant princes, a land where successful Elonians believe their safety, security, and affluence allow them to sponsor many of their nation’s greatest achievements. Despite occasional rivalries, these three provinces—Istan, Kourna, and Vabbi—have kept Elona prosperous and strong for over a thousand years."

— The Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts

While much of this describes Elona as we would have known it 250 years ago, the fact remains that for most of it’s life time Elona was known as The Land of the Golden Sun for a reason.
many world changing events took place here, including the scarab plague, the downfall of Abaddon and the rise of Kormir.

Elona is a continent which was formerly led by the primeval kings who ruled from about 200 BE all the way up until 452 AE, they had began in Istan and eventually spread the reach to Vabbi and Kourna. This was known as the Primeval Dynasty and ended only due to the Mysterious Scarab Plague which wiped out most of Elona’s population, along with the primeval kings.

Istan is the oldest of the 3 provinces, it is an island which contains the remnants of Fahranur, The First City, former home of the Primeval Kings. much of it is covered in Beaches, and wetlands. It was well known for it’s strong naval power. It is the home of the Sunspears, although, is currently under Palawa Joko’s control.

Kourna Is on the southernmost part of the main continent of Elona, it was known for being the most militaristic of the 3 provinces. It is a large, rocky landscape with very little vegetation
Gandara, The Moon Fortress. was it’s Well known port, and home to it’s military leaders.
It’s lifeline, the Elon river, was diverted by Palawa Joko in order to bring them to a low, poor state. Kourna is home to the great war hero Turai Ossa.

Vabbi was the richest of the 3 provinces, it had always been protected by the Desolation & the Crystal Desert to the North, and Kourna to the south, it had never needed as much of a military as it’s fellow nations, and seeing as it bordered the Desolation (Palawa’s home) it became very easy for him to conquer, thus it became the first of the three nations to fall to him. Vabbi had formerly been led by three wealthy and powerful men known as the “Princes of Vabbi”, under their lead it became the leading nation of art and culture in Elona.

Modern day Elona

While currently access to Elona has been barred off by the Desert gate, sealed under Queen jennah’s orders. The Order of Whispers still has means of travelling to the now darkened continent, although it is unknown how. Elona is no longer what it once was, after the fall of Abaddon it has been ravaged and conquered by Palawa Joko, and is only harder to reach with the rise of the Elder Dragons. Very little contact is made between Elona and the rest of Tyria, and the current state of the continent is unknown.

Information has been gathered from:
Both Guild Wars, and Guild Wars 2 games. (Official GW wiki) (Official GW2 wiki)
The Historian Project
The official GW, and GW2 Timelines (“the movement of the world”)
The Guild Wars Books (Edge of Destiny,and Ghosts of Ascalon) (official GW2 forums) (official GW website) (official GW2 website)
quotes from various A-net, or NCsoft employees (will be named in book)


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