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Guild Raidcall & Guild Vent (Voice chat)

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Guild Raidcall & Guild Vent (Voice chat)

Post  keigo on Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:02 pm

Guys we have raidcall and guild vent setup for you guys.

please download and install them as it's essential for events, especially those major WvW events or any other events we have on weekend.

The Raidcall would serve as a purpose for chats and strategy discussion during major events/ normal events or just socializing within the guildies.

please get it even if you do not have a mic or do not wish to talk over the voice chat. we just need you guys to get on during the major events/normal events for any strategic planning.

You could download raidcall from and select US server and then search for 5317335 to get into shimmering darkness channel.

For Guild vent (from soulreaper)
Domain IP:
Port: 5456
Password: rageface

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