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WvW basics session

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WvW basics session

Post  Vas on Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:19 pm

Do you want to get into WvW but dont have a clue what to do?
Have you tried for 10 minutes before getting ganked by 10 people thirsty for blood?
Do you know what supply is or why everyone keeps shouting for it?

This session may be for you.

At 7:30pm EST today, i will take a beginners class covering the very basics of WvW.
Things we will be looking at:

What is WvW?
What can WvW do for me?
What can you do in WvW?
What is supply and why is it so important?
How can I move around the map?

And basically anything else people want to know, its an open session, so anyone is welcome to attend no matter your ability. This class is designed to get people aware of WvW and how to do it, not taking towers and storming keeps. We'll save that one for a bit later.

Expected run time is about an hour, or for as long as people feel comfortable. We may even hit a few dolyaks or a supply camp if you feel up to it!

Hope to see you in game!



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