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The Ultimate Iron Man Build

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The Ultimate Iron Man Build

Post  keigo on Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:56 pm

If you guys had seen my insane warrior that jump down alone at waterfront gate EB WvW and slaughtered everyone. Well, here's the build that I would wish to share with you guys.

The Strength:
- Extreme Toughness and Vitality gives you the required survivability.
Tag that along with a loaf of omnomberry bread, you are probably godlike.
- Critcal Chance of 50%, Critical Damage of 77%
- 11sec of immortality
- Ability to break stun and remove conditions of all fellow guildies.
- Ability to get 25stacks of might with ease for awesome raw damage.
- Ability to dish 100b in less than 0.5s with 3s Rage
- Ability to replenish Adrenaline immediately

The Weakness:
- Very weak against condition damage, a condition build will get you down really quickly.
- Immortality doesn't helps to block damage against condition damage.
- Cooldown for immortality is very long, once your immortality wears out, you're literally an easy target
- Not good against targets who are good at knockdown as the only stability that you've is from traits "The last stand" which has a long cooldown of 45s

The build:
Healing Surge: for that awesome heal and situational adrenaline refill
Shake it all: Break stun and remove condition of you and your ally
Endure pain: immortality for 4s
Banner of defense: Awesome toughness and vitality boost to the group

20 Arms: Rending Strikes for awesome vulnerability debuff with high Critical chance (usually i managed to get it to 10stacks which 10% damage boost), Forceful Greatsword for the awesome Might stacks with high critical chance (tag that along with superior sigil of strength, you will see 25stacks of might) and all GS skills recharge 20% faster is just too awesome to miss. 20 arms gives you 200 precision for an additional critical chance.

30 Defense: Turtle Defense gives you a nice 200toughness when you get crippled, knocked down or slowed. Really useful to last you few more hits. Last stand for the only stability you can get for your warrior since all the utilities above are really too useful to miss. Defy pain for another 4s immortality. 300 defense and 300 healing is just too awesome to miss.

20 Discipline: Heightened focus for a nice critical chance boost and Sweet revenge for that awesome 100% rally on vengeance, almost useful in all situations. Together with 20discipline that gives 20% Critical damage and 2% burst damage are something you won't want to miss.

AC armor: Power Vitality Toughness: For awesome look that fit the ironman style and awesome survivability
Change the rune to Superior Rune of Divinity for all nice awesome all rounded stats boost +60 and 12% critical damage. (beware of the cost of the rune)

Went with CoF Greatsword: Power Precision Critical %: Awesome look and awesome damage boost
Went with superior sigil of strength for the awesome might stack

AC Sword + CoF Shield: Power Precision Critical %: Now you need as much damage boost as possible to balance out your stats
Went with Superior sigil of rage for that awesome quickness to be used on my Greatsword's 100b.
Went with Superior sigil of blood for life leech in defensive mode.

Ancient Karka Shell + Power precision Critial %: for nice all rounded stats + damage boost from gems
Berserker Accessories + Power precision critical %: for nice damage boost

-There you go-
Your iron man is ready!

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