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Guide to complete AC dungeon

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Guide to complete AC dungeon

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:15 pm


Level 30.
Difficulty: Easy.
Duration: Medium.
Blue spots cause pop-up, avoid or clean before proceeding.


Clean the room (pop-ups).
One person (caller) opens coffins one by one until boss spawns.
- Don't open coffins mid-fight (when looting).
Champion spawns with another enemy, focus that enemy first.
- High melee damage: slow single-target knockdown, fast AoE knockdown


First two enemies: pull from spike traps.
- Spike traps can be disable by pulling lever.
Next three enemies: attempt to split group by pulling.
- Don't cluster up in the corridor.
Last three enemies: pull Warrior first.


Disable traps (2 - 3 hits kills you).
- Wait for circles to vanish and dodge when necessary.
Mini-boss: moderate damage, mainly ranged attacks and melee knockback.


This room can be easily skipped.
- Dodge first flamethrower, run through, dodge second flamethrower.

Sword-champion (use ranged swap)

Deals decent melee damage quite fast so keep him snared.

Troll alert!

You may get attacked by a cave troll (melee knockdowns).


Approach the NPC until he starts talking, fall back to stairs.
Stay ranged and destroy 15 weak enemies.
- Slowly fall back to prevent getting overwhelmed.
After clearing the room finish off the champion (similar to the first one).


Don't pull patrol when fighting with first two enemies.
Next three rangers can be a problem (maybe abusing line of sight?).
Ranger-boss: dodge AoE shots, use plank if you want melee.

Troll alert!


Dodge condition-wells.

Mesmer- & Elementalist-bosses

Split up (3/2).
Use boulders to knocklock to turn this fight a joke.
- No longer they can be knocked back to wall. Best way is to keep target between two players so that boulders end up other players feet when thrown.

End boss (use ranged swap)

Pulls in: Dodge back.
AoE circle: Sick damage, dodge.
Fast ranged attack: Dodge or heal (this attack can actually kill you if he does it often).


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