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Ascalon Catatombs path 1

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Ascalon Catatombs path 1

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:29 pm

Path 1: Scepter

Level 35. Difficulty: Easy. Duration: Short.
Stun-breaker (& Stability) is a life-saver against leaping Gravelings.

Burrow & Spider Champion

Burrow spawns when you enter stairs.
- To skip burrow wait on "choose path" dialog until everyone has entered stairs or just run through.
Jump over the gap to skip last fire traps.
- Melee players should proceed normally, they can hit two gargoyle heads through wall.
Destroy gargoyle heads as soon as possible. Spider spawns after killing enough hatchlings.
Bring plenty of condition removal to remove Poison and Immobilize.

Spike-corridor & Lieutenant Kholer

Patiently get through spikes, disable on your left at the end of the corridor.
Troll may spawn: ignore, pull to Kohler or kill.
Kholer (skippable) raises his sword to pull and quickly kill everyone. Dodge, break line of sight or use stun-breaker.

First scepter

2 chains of 3 burrows (chain = destroy one, new appears).
First destroy further chain (destroying nearest burrows spawns burrow with leapers).
0-1 players should stay close NPC to draw aggro if needed.

Second Scepter - Great hall

Bring mobility and survivability, grab pieces and run!

Howling King

Alternates? between spawning (longer animation) and screaming.
Scream has about 90 degree cone. Either get behind Howling King or try to outrange it.
Knockdowns during unburrow.


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