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The Elder Dragons

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The Elder Dragons Empty The Elder Dragons

Post  Historian on Sat Mar 16, 2013 5:18 pm

The Elder Dragons


1: Overview

2: Elder dragons
A) Primordus
B) Jormag
C) Zhaitan
D) Kralkatorrik
E) The Deep Sea Dragon
F) Unknown

Chapter 1 - Overview

The Elder Dragons are extremely old, deadly creatures that may even predate the old human gods! they have begun to reawaken throughout the last two centuries, and started to destroy everything around them. Their awakening had major effects on Tyria, in many cases forcing races from their homelands and cutting them off from the rest of the world. The Elder Dragons have gone through cycles of awakening, destruction, and hibernation, each time ending an era of life in Tyria and bringing forth a new one. According to the Dwarven and Jotun writings surviving from the previous cycle there are only six Elder Dragons (of which five are currently known).

What knowledge we have of the Elder Dragons comes from the survivors of the previous cycle of awakening, over 11,000 years ago. During that time, the dragons are believed to have caused the extinction of the Giganticus Lupicus, along with most life on Tyria. The only surviving records exist in dwarven legends and jotun stelae, and according to these records only five sentient races survived the Elder Dragons' last rise with knowledge of them: dwarves, jotun, forgotten, mursaat, and seers. During this time, the mursaat used their own magic to flee Tyria, while Kralkatorrik's champion Glint betrayed her master and hid the remaining races.

The Dragons are similar to forces of nature and primordial forces from a Tyrian point of view, the dragons seem no different and just as unstoppable as a blizzard or earthquake. Each dragon holds a tie to a certain element - fire, ice, undeath, water, and crystal - and their minions are generally composed of, or somehow relate to that element. Though all the dragons want the corruption or destruction of just about everything, each of the Elder Dragons are motivated different, and will go about doing this differently, ranging from what they and their minions do to how they corrupt. Similarly, Elder Dragons have been noted to be hostile to each other,seeing as their minions will fight another dragon's minions just as they would fight anything else they see.
The dragons themselves rarely directly intervene with the Tyrians, preferring to send their minions to do the work for them. Each of the dragons have champions which maintain their territories and command their lesser minions.

The sixth known dragon, mentioned only in the jotun stelae, has not yet been observed to have any noticeable impact on the accessible world. As such, its current state is unknown.

Chapter 2 - A - Primordus

Primordus comes from the Latin root primordium, literally meaning the "first to rise." It also closely links to the English word primordial, which means "having existed from the beginning."

Originally the Asura believed it was merely a statue that emitted magical power, they later learned otherwise... The hard way.
predicted to awaken in 1078 AE, it’s awakening was however, delayed upon the defeat of it’s greatest champion at the time; the Great Destroyer. The Great Destroyer was the greatest foe and pure opposite of the Great Dwarf — "evil, malicious, and greedy to the core." When the Great Dwarf and Great Destroyer had battled, the Great Destroyer was defeated by its true name, and in turn powers, being taken from it. Supposedly, the true name of the Great Destroyer would be revealed when the two clashed once more. If the true name of the Great Destroyer was ever read, then the Great Destroyer would rise again and end the known world.
what the dwarves however did not know is that it was merely a minion of Primordus.
This battle brought about the end of the dwarves as a major race on Tyria.

Primordus (who eventually awakened in 1120 AE) , often grouped with the elements of lava and fire, controls the Destroyers. These minions of his, originally thought to be under full control of the Great Destroyer were supposed to clear the world for it’s arrival. But we are now aware they serve the Dragon, and want nothing but destruction (hence their name). Current well known Destroyer hives are: Mount Maelstrom, and Cerebroth Canyon in the Kessex Hills. though, they can pop up anywhere because of the power Primordus holds underground.
After its awakening, its minions, the destroyers, flooded the Depths of Tyria, crushing any hopes the asura had of returning to their natural home. Many of the remaining dwarves, now creatures of stone, stand watch at entrances to the Depths, ensuring that Primordus' minions never reach the surface. Others traveled into the caverns to do battle directly with Primordus and its servants.
Primordus has remained underneath the surface since its awakening, clearing huge tracts of the underground regions, which forced more races, such as the skritt, to flee from the Depths.

Champions of Primordus include:
The Great Destroyer
The Destroyer of Life
Destroyer Harpy Racogorrix

Chapter 2 - B - Jormag

Jormag and his army arose in the Far Shiverpeaks. Even in sleep, their influence could be felt, as seen in the norn legend of Jora and Svanir.
It’s name derived from a mythic creature, known as the Jörmungandr, the world serpent.

Jormag controls the element of ice, and the icebrood as his army, The icebrood are in general corrupted northern races, such as the Quaggan, the Kodan, and often the Norn.
Many norn willingly join Jormag, infact, they revere it as one of the animal deities, they call it “Dragon” and are known as the Sons of Svanir,
Jormag awoke in 1165 AE and moved south, causing the kodan to flee the icy seas and battling the norn inhabitants there. His rise caused earthquakes that cracked and shattered the northernmost lands, allowing the icy northern ocean to flood through and create new, inland seas. These new inland seas are now inhabited by some refugee kodan Sanctuaries. Jormag also caused a rise in the tide of the northern ocean which capsized and tore apart many other of the kodan's iceberg cities.

The Norn fled south to the former dwarven territories. The dragon's forces now occupy the area around Drakkar Lake and Gunnar's Hold, the latter having been torn apart by a glacier. However, a mighty norn warrior, named Asgeir, was able to cut out a fang from Jormag's mouth before leading his people south with the aid of the Spirits of the Wild (many of which stayed behind to fight Jormag and eventually died). The fang Asgeir cut out is now kept in Hoelbrak where many heroes to be test their worth against it. It is believed that when a hero damages the tooth, that hero will be capable of defeating Jormag once and for all.
Jormag is often referred to as being a living blizzard. Jormag and some of its champions have powerful mental abilities that alter their enemies' way of thinking. Whenever a group of norn attack Jormag or its champions, the men always return as icebrood, attacking the source of the group of norn in revenge; however, female norn never return. Unlike other Elder Dragons, Jormag doesn't corrupt to enslave but rather gives promises of power to those it wants to corrupt.
Jormag has some very powerful Champions, they include:
The Claws of Jormag
Svanir the Norn bear

Chapter 2 - C - Zhaitan

Zhaitan, is derived from an Arabic name given to Satan.

Zhaitan is the name given by dwarven legends to the Elder Dragon of Orr.This ugly beast’s body is composed of other dragons. For an unknown length of time, it slept beneath the land of Orr. In 1219 AE, it woke from its slumber. The force of its awakening raised the sunken peninsula to the surface, killing corsairs that had come to the scattered islands in search of safe harbors or Orrian riches. The return of Orr also triggered earthquakes and tidal waves that would devastate many coastal regions, including the Battle Isles and Lion's Arch.
Zhaitan used its powers to take control of the wandering dead of Orr, forming a massive army known as the risen. It then raised the sunken ships of the corsairs and manned them with their now undead crews, creating a formidable navy to match its army. The dragon's navy stretched from the newly risen Orr to the beaches of the Ring of Fire, across the Strait of Malchor, blocking off passage to Cantha. For the past century, Zhaitan's undead navy has ensured that no one may enter or leave Tyria, with anyone attempting to do so being added to the dragon's numbers. Zhaitan controls his armies from his lair in the ancient ruins of the holy city Arah.

It’s immense army, known as the Risen consists mostly of the humans of Orr and the pirates in such of its treasures, but now also include many of the species of Tyria within their ranks as well, The Sylvari are immune to the corruption and can not become part of the risen army “The asura have offered to experiment on the sylvari and determine why they appear immune to corruption, but so far no one has volunteered” - Jeffrey Vaughn (content designer) The Risen army acts with only a few commanders, the majority of the risen follow these commanders with no second thoughts. These commanders are usually the Dragon Champions or The Eyes, formerly kings and queens of Orr, now lieutenants, high ranking undead, officers of the Risen army. they see, and scout information for Zhaitan, he sees everything through them, with the intelligence gathered by the eyes, the Risen will co-ordinate attacks often with strategical planning, which is not something they’re capable of without the eyes. Other such commanders include the many mouths of Zhaitan, which devour magical artifacts to feed the Dragon.

Zhaitan’s Champions include:
Tequatl the Sunless
Morgus Lethe
Horrogos the Soulbreaker
Fafnarin the Heartslayer
Ogravros the Moondeath
lightgast, the Plaguebringer

Chaper 2 - D - Kralkatorrik

Kralkatorrik is the Elder Crystal Dragon and is the most recent Elder Dragon to awaken. this gargantuan behemoth stands at a thousand feet tall and has a wingspan that easily blocks out the sun, it is described as being about 20 times larger than Glint. It has the power to corrupt anything physical with its breath, turning them into branded. The dragon awoke in 1320 AE in Grothmar Wardowns within the Blood Legion Homelands, where it was once believed to be a mountain; then flew south over the charr territory of Ascalon, with the goal of hunting down its traitorous champion, Glint.
When Kralkatorrik flew, a terrible storm of black clouds and lightning was formed around its body. The lands that were touched by its golden breath during its flight turned black, now called the Dragonbrand; the plants, animals, and even elementals turned into branded.
The branded are twisted, crystalline corruptions of other creatures with varying degrees of mutation and diminishment. They appear to be made of blackened stone and are illuminated by purple lightning. They primarily appear in the Dragonbrand, either defending it or having been made there and have been seen migrating southward along the Dragonbrand (which just so happens to lead to the last place Kralkatorrik was spotted). The corruption of the Dragonbrand in 1320 AE led to Almorra Soulkeeper’s (Charr) creation of the Vigil, this happened because her entire warband, save for herself, were transformed into crystallized monstrosities and caused her to understand that no single race could defeat the Elder Dragons.

When Kralkatorrik reached Glint's sanctuary, it fought with Destiny's Edge, and was nearly defeated. However, due to Logan Thackeray's sudden departure to save Queen Jennah at the Stronghold of Ebonhawke, which was assaulted by the newly formed branded at the time, Kralkatorrik was able to escape after killing Glint and Snaff.
Kralkatorrik was last seen in the northern Crystal Desert, and still has a presence in the area, though it is unknown where it fled after escaping Destiny's Edge it is currently one of the forces preventing movement into Elona for all except the Order of Whispers.

It is often compared to both a hurricane and a sandstorm. since it’s tremendous force has the ability to create and even become these horrific, destructive, forces of nature.

Glint was originally the champion of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik, at that time called Glaust. Created with the goal of protecting her master, Glint had been given the ability of entering the minds of Kralkatorrik's enemies; such powers resulted in her feeling empathy and eventually sympathy for the civilizations of Tyria. Turning against Kralkatorrik, Glint hid in the Crystal Desert and used her powers to become an oracle, thus guiding both humanity and the Forgotten. Around the time the Great Destroyer was defeated, Glint’s offspring was born, the fate of which is currently unknown.

it was once considered one of Tyria’s most powerful beings, it foretold the Flameseeker Prophecies and guided the flameseeker heroes to ascension.

Dragon champions of Kralkatorrik include:
The Shatterer
Glint (Formerly)

Chapter 2 - E - Deep Sea Dragon

The currently unnamed Elder Dragon from the depths of a sea has the power to create tentacled creatures from the water. It is said that through its powers, it has been creating servants from every lake and river around its location. Its whereabouts and all other details are currently unknown. This Elder Dragon has yet to play a large role in Tyria, which is why there is a lack of information regarding the Dragon.
Although, the Krait, and the Largos among other sea life have been driven out of their homes by this dragon. The invasion of the krait into quaggan lands 50 years ago coincide with the approximate awakening of this dragon. The aquatic serpentine race had dwelt in the deepest trenches of the Unending Ocean until one day they suddenly barged into quaggan territory and nearly destroyed the quaggan's civilization.

Players have given this dragon nicknames such as “Bubbles” “DSD” and “Dragon of the Deep”
although, Subject Alpha, the final boss of the Crucible of Eternity uses the skills "Teeth of Primordus", "Tooth of Jormag", and "Teeth of Mordramoth", suggesting that Mordramoth is the name of either this dragon or the sixth dragon.

There are no known champions for this dragon.

Chapter 2 - F - Unknown

There has been mentioning of a sixth Elder Dragon in in dwarven legends and jotun stelae, There is very little known about the dragon. Some speculate it to have nature-like powers similar to what Melandru represents, since the other dragon’s powers can relate to the old Human Gods also. It is unknown where the dragon is whether it’s sleeping or awake, or what it’s minions are like.

Subject Alpha, the final boss of the Crucible of Eternity uses the skills "Teeth of Primordus", "Tooth of Jormag", and "Teeth of Mordramoth", suggesting that Mordramoth is the name of this dragon more likely than it being the deep sea dragon’s name seeing as the skill deals earth damage.

There are no known champions for this dragon.

Information has been gathered from:

Both Guild Wars, and Guild Wars 2 games. (Official GW wiki) (Official GW2 wiki)
The Historian Project
The official GW, and GW2 Timelines (“the movement of the world”)
The Guild Wars Books (Edge of Destiny,and Ghosts of Ascalon) (official GW2 forums) (official GW website) (official GW2 website)
quotes from various A-net, or NCsoft employees (will be named in book)


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