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Links for PVE

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Links for PVE

Post  Chimera on Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:00 pm

Links for PVE

////////// Dragon Timer \\\\\\\\\\

Need to know when the Shatterer or Tequattl is up, this link will tell you. It also allows you to report when the event is over for better timing.

////////// Interactive Map of Tyria \\\\\\\\\\ - Raven has already posted on this as well

Missing a POI? WP? SP? Heart? This map shows you where they all are and allows you to toggle off the others making the search easier.

////////// Orrmaps \\\\\\\\\\ - credit to Kia

Looking for Ori nodes? Omnom Berries? This map is upted often and tells you the locations in Cursed Shore, Malchor’s Leap, Southsun Cove, and Frostgorge Sound

////////// Guild Wars 2 LFG \\\\\\\\\\

You want to run Fractals but everyone in guild is busy? This tool allows you to form groups across all servers. Once you are in the group you right click on the leader and go to their world. Real time updated and sortable for the dungeon you want to do

////////// GW2 Armor \\\\\\\\\\ - Raven has already posted on this as well

How is that armor going look on you? This site will show you all the armors on all the races and sexes.

////////// GW2 Spidy \\\\\\\\\\

You want to know the price of something? Go to the TP, you want to know how that price has changed since release and how often it is bought or sold and how fast that rate changes? This is the place. This website allows you to look at TP data the way you look at the stock market. Will also give you the ingame code to paste into chat so people will know exactly what you are talking about

//////// Dulfy \\\\\\\

Weapon Skins, Armor Skins and Other helpful tips. Great site i use it alot. Also shows what all the karma vendors sell etc etc. Good general data.

//////// Cheap Artificer 1-400 Guide \\\\\\\

This guide takes you from 0 to 400 cheaply making potions. These potions sell back to the merch for 70s, so you recoup about 1/2 your money if you buy al the mats. This gives you roughly 10 levels in game. Takes about 20 minutes.

//////// Cheap Cooking 1-400 Guide \\\\\\\

This guide takes you through cooking for about 1.5 to 2g depending on if you buy or make the dill sauce. Gets you about 10 levels in game and takes about 20 minutes. Both Artificer and Cooking could be done on 1 crafting booster.

updated 15 Feb
****** great and exact guide the amount of items is the exact number of items you need. I have posted this exact guide in an earlier post. In todays market it cost me 3.5 gold to do. That is buying everything. So I recommend placing orders for items on tp....

>>>>> The cost is in the Creamed Dill Sauce because everyone uses this guide. Most of the items you should have from everyday collecting. I made batches of the Dill sauce. William just did this today with Dill Sauce I gave him, lets see what he spent, maybe he will chime in.

////////// Explorer Achievement \\\\\\\\\\

open the map of the area you havent completed and compare names. It is simple and easy.
>will update as I find more site

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Re: Links for PVE

Post  Toonville on Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:46 am

Great idea posting them all on one page. I was gonna make a widget with all useful links, but i like this Lay-Out much better with the descriptions. If you dont mind I would appreciate if you kept this updated with as many useful links as you can find.
Thanks for putting in the effort Very Happy


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Re: Links for PVE

Post  Chimera on Sat Feb 16, 2013 5:44 am

Artificer and cooking guides added


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Re: Links for PVE

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