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Consumable Utilities

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Consumable Utilities

Post  Chimera on Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:44 pm

Consumable Skills – Your PVE Utility Belt

Consumable skills are items which you use that give you a skill or weapon or pet that is different than what you normally have access to in the game.

>> >> >> STEALTH << << <<

////////// Ash Legion Spy Kit \\\\\\\\\\
Camouflage(10s): Become invisible, as long as you remain in place. 60 second cool down.
Cost: 28 Karma ea
Pros: Spamable, perma invisibility as long as you have enough kits, great for rezing people in the midst of enemies – does not grant you immunity, if adds are laying down AoE at your position you will take damage. Have people who are not stealthed stay away from you while you rez nerfed 26 Feb 2013. 60 sec cool down
Cons: Loss of stealth upon movement or attack (except for Molachev Cocktail – see below). After prolonged periods of broken agro (being stealthed) bosses will regen.
You can obtain these from Kyra Sharptracker, she is the renown heart NPC at Victor's Presidium in the Plains of Ashford.

////////// Order of Whispers Spy Kit \\\\\\\\\\
Camouflage(3s): Become invisible.
Cost: 16 copper ea
Pros: Spamable, perma invisibility as long as you have enough kits. Because you can move with this, coupling its use with Ash Legion Spy Kits allows you to remain stealthed as you move from person to person effecting rezs or standing on switches in dungeons etc. Very cheap! nerfed 26 Feb 2013. 60 sec cool down
Cons: Only lasts 3 seconds. Loss of stealth upon movement or attack. You are not immune to AoE attack.
You can obtain these from Agent Rexx, he stands next to Warden Spy Alarin, the Renown heart NPC north of Morgans Spiral in Caledon Forest. If he is not there (stealthed), you must lead him there. He will be found dead on the southern side of Morgan’s Spiral. If you do not see him, wait a bit his spawn is random.

>> >> >> PETS << << <<

////////// Fire Elemental Powder \\\\\\\\\\
Summons an Ember to fight by your side for 5 minutes.
Cost: 1 silver 4 copper
Pros: Ember can remove agro from you and lays down multiple AoE attacks. Produces a lot od damage.
Cons: Kinda squishy. Spendy. Spamable under certain conditions. Can over agro stuff if you just want to sneak about, your wait can be up to 5 mins for it to die (your party loves waiting they will not mind). KNOWN GLITCH – when used in conjunction with Ogre Pet Whistles (see below) you must spawn the ember FIRST if you want 2 pets up. If you spawn the Ogre Pet first, you will consume the item but get no ember.
These can be obtained from Jhalles Coalgrip on the beach just southest of the Assist Engineer Verutum renown heart in Fireheart Rise. If he is not there (99% of the time) he is in the water to the east or on the shore to the NE on a quest. Help him finish it and he will return to sell to you.

////////// Ogre Pet Whistle \\\\\\\\\\
Double-click to call an ogre pet to aid you for 5 minutes.
Cost: 1 silver 4 copper
Pros: You get a random pet to take agro with you. You have a 30 second window to revive it if it dies unlike the ember.
Cons: Over agro etc etc (see Ember Cons). Spendy. Must be spawned 2nd if you want 2 pets up at same time.
You can obtain these from Gortho, Son of Malik, on the other side of the bridge from Gladefall Waypoint. If he is not there you need to head to Grostogg’s Kraal Waypoint to start the chain to get him there. This quest glitches quite often so my advice is to get all your people there to grab them after server resets.

>> >> >> USEFUL KITS << << <<

////////// Molachev Cocktail \\\\\\\\\\
Doubleclick to gain a Molachev Cocktail
Cost: 16 copper
Pros: You can use these while in stealth with Ash Legion Spy Kits!!!! These lay down long lasting strips of burning fire. Spamable!! You can make a huge area of fire, burn multiple enemies without them knowing you are there. Cheap!
Cons: um, takes up an inventory slot.....
These can be obtained from the merchant Leidulv Groat in SE part of Wayfarer Foothills in the area of Molensk, near the vista where you have to climb the pipes.

////////// Experimental Rifle \\\\\\\\\\
Environmental weapon that can be used to leap a short distance (even across gaps), nearly identical to an Engineer's Jump Shot skill ~900 range.
Cost: 1 silver 28 copper
Pros: Accurate long distance jumping. Ground targetable. You can use this to obtain the Caer Aval POI in Straits of Devastation when the area is closed and there is no normal way of reaching it because the quest line is not up. Helps you get to Spots not normally accessible to aid you in dungeons by avoiding add attacks (TA final boss for example).
Cons: Spendy. If you use this and you hit something during your gun, the gun will explode knocking you back and not to your target. Slight over shot when landing.
These can be obtained from Agent Livilla in the Karst Plains of Malchor's Leap. She appears and becomes a merchant upon the successful completion of Destroy the chicken coops and the undead eggs inside and Fight the Inquest Ornithologist.

////////// Experimental Telportation Gun \\\\\\\\\\
Doubleclick to gain an Experimental Teleportation Gun – This creates a gun which propels you a good distance and then sets up a portal between where you left and where the guns skill stopped. ~600-700 range.
Cost: 32 copper
Pros: Can help you across long jump areas. Portal than allows people to follow. Have used this in recues of stuck people.
Cons: Not ground targetable, you must aim by pointing the gun in the direction you want to go (easily mastered). Guns skill propels you some distance (unless you hit an object first) where is stops and drops you. This gun cannot be used to to portal someone up from a lower level as the entrance and exit portals are roughly at the same height always.
Obtain these from Danka. She can be found near Valance Tutory Waypoint in the back of the building in Timberline Falls.

////////// Frost Gun \\\\\\\\\\
Double-click to draw a frost gun infused with icy magic. – This gun gives you 5 new skills. These are good damage skills for single target and area effects. Skill 5 encases yout target in ice for about 5 seconds stopping him in his tracks and from attacking.
Cost: 40 copper
Pros: Skills do decent damage and skill 5 stops large powerfull enemies in their tracks (have not tried on any bosses – will update when I do)
Cons: Even though the AoE skill looks like a frost bow, it does not do the damage a frost bow does to the graveling mounds in AC P3 (Tested-Kia).
These can be obtained from Researcher Bamm near the Junction Haven Waypoint in Gendarran Fields. If he is not selling you have to do his quest with him. If you do not see him near this location he is probably doing the quest, head straight south. GLITCH – If he dies during the quest there is a chance he will not sell them, you have to do the quest again.

////////// Skale Venom \\\\\\\\\\
Skale Venom(10m) ~5% chance to inflict weakness and vulnerability on hit.
Cost: 16 copper
Pros: 10 mins duration (stops on down). Constant chance to add weakness or vulnerability to your target.
Cons: none I can think of
Acquired from Rexavian Redfoot in Bloodfin Lake in the Iron Marches. He hangs out to the east of the bridge near a campfire. He only sells these after he completes the quest “Stop the skelk from throwing cursed wall chunks onto shore” In which case he will be to the east of the Bloodfin Lake Waypoint.

////////// Depleted Power Crystal \\\\\\\\\\
Double-click to gain a depleted power crystal, applies 6 stacks of bleed (12s) and 5 stacks vulnerability (18s)
Cost: 16 copper
Pros: Spamable so you can stack a lot bleeds and vulnerability fast (25 stacks). nerfed 26 Feb 2013, 90 second cool down.
Cons: Short range (900)
You can get these from the PM-632z at the Hanto Trading Post POI in Caledon Forest. This NPC vender lasts about 3 mins in game. Once he goes back to sitting you need to complete 4 quests to get him to sell – see page for more information. Takes about 15 mins to complete all 4.

////////// Effigy Fragment \\\\\\\\\\
Do you get lost in the dark because you do not have the nice Halloween back pack or the torch you grabbed 2 mins ago expired? Effigy Fragments are consumable items that spawn an environmental weapon torch in your main hand, with 2 weapon skills. Unless sheathed or dropped, this torch will not disappear. Will disappear on skill use, no cool down however.
Cost: 1 silver 4 copper
Pros: A light source when you need it. CAN BE USE IN WvW FOR THE OBSIDIAN JP!!!!!
Cons: Smells faintly of burnt fur.
You can get this from Grathzion the Dauntless (near entrance to Citadel of Flame) after the Track down and kill the effigies in Amduat Point with Grathzion event.

////////// Grawl Ritual Totem \\\\\\\\\\
Replaces the weapon skill bar with a single skill, Skull Fear, which inflicts fear on enemies around you based on their distance
Cost: 80 copper
Pros: RUN AWAY RUN AWAY – Spamable perma fear……
Cons: little pricey but not too bad
Can be acquired from Explorer Kindleblight (merchant) at Refuge Sanctum Waypoint after completing the Kill the grawl shamans to disrupt the summoning ritual event in the Blazeridge Steppes.

////////// Medical Kit \\\\\\\\\\
Double-click to gain a portable Medical Kit. Drop a pack of bandages (3) that provides a little healing (Healing: 1,000). Drop a vial of antidote that cures one condition. Drop a stimulant that grants fury and swiftness. (Fury: 10 s Swiftness: 10 s)
Cost: 16 copper
Pros: Kit last about 3 mins unless you drop and re-pick up then infinite life. Others can also pick up and drop items (cool down on items only applies to the dropper not the kit). Cheap condition removal, swiftness, and healing if all your stuff is on cool down. You can drop these before a fight. Item persist about 90 seconds once dropped.
Cons: not a lot of healing, but some is better than none if you are going to degen out. Heals scale with area so low lvl areas, smaller heals.
This can be obtained from 2 vendors, Ash Legion Spy at the Firewatch Encampment Waypoint in the Iron Marches or Refugee Ejint at Survivor's Encampment Waypoint in Metrica Province.

////////// Pact Med Kit \\\\\\\\\\
You get the ability to Drop 3 Bandages (heals for 818 total + .5 healing power 12s cd) and Drop Stimulant(10s fury and swiftness 20s cd).
Cost: 1 silver 28 copper
Pros: Same as regular Medical Kit above
Cons: COST! Same amount of heals as Medical Kit above for a lot more coin.
Can be obtained from Crusader Apaaie in Straits of Devastation during Escort the PAC-7000 golem along its northern supply route.

////////// Healing Seed Pod \\\\\\\\\\
Double-click to gain a Sylvari Seed Pod. Grant regeneration and removes conditions from yourself and nearby allies. Healing: 190 Radius: 200
Cost: 40 copper
Pros: Spamable condition removal with some heal
Cons: not a lot of heal
Can be obtained from Denton the Durable in Gendarren after successfully completing Help Denton and Chief Cherpa safely transport their supplies through the swamp. He sells at Bad Omen Beach POI.

////////// Mortar Seed Turret \\\\\\\\\\
Double-click to gain a mortar seed turret, it gives you a choice to plant 1) Blue Mortar - Plants a mortar that fires a frozen ball as a projectile at a target, slowing them 2) Red Mortar - Plants a mortar that fires a spikey ball as a projectile at a target, doing damage 3) Yellow Mortar - Plants a mortar that fires a healing seed at a nearby friendly target, giving them back health
Cost: 16 copper
Pros: The Blue mortar slows down enemies well. Something for the enemy to attack other than you.
Cons: Not a lot of damage or healing
Obtained from Captain Bren at the NW corner of Caledon, he is only accessible for roughly 2 minutes, after successful completion of Defend Falias Thorp from the Nightmare Court, at Falias Thorp Waypoint.
Obtained also from Saraid. Saraid is accessible for only a short period of time, after successful completion of Liberate Brigid's Overlook from the Risen horde, at Brigid's Overlook Waypoint.

////////// Rotten Drake Egg \\\\\\\\\\
Rotten Drake Egg. Eat the egg for 2 stacks of might for 15s. Easy spammed up to ~16 stacks of might.
Cost: 14 Karma
Pros: insta might
Cons: only 15 seconds
Obtained from Fisherman Travis in NW corner of Queensdale (Renown Heart)

////////// Deployable Mortar Kit \\\\\\\\\\
Double-click to use this kit to deploy a mortar. This mortar behaves like a turret (you do not control it) AoE attack Range ~1000, 90 sec cool down between deploys.
Cost: 1 silver 4 copper
Pros: AoE that supplements your fire power.
Cons: You do not decide the target, AI does.
This is obtained from Legionnaire Virgrol Brashmar in Fireheart Rise. He appears to only offer items after the event in Noxious Castrum occurs.

more to come
////////// Mine Kit \\\\\\\\\\
////////// Golem in a Box \\\\\\\\\\
////////// Fire Bomb \\\\\\\\\\
////////// Miner’s Explosive Charge \\\\\\\\\\
////////// Hylek Blowgun \\\\\\\\\\
////////// Dam Debris \\\\\\\\\\
////////// Charr Mine \\\\\\\\\\
////////// Mine Kit \\\\\\\\\\

>> >> >> JUST FOR FUN << << <<
More to come

Updated 26 Feb 2013

Some material obtained from

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Re: Consumable Utilities

Post  Chimera on Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:45 pm

List of Items you should consider having on hand on a full time basis (subject to change)

Ash Legion Spy Kits or Whisper Spy Kits

Elemental Powder


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