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Guild Treasure Hunt Event

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Guild Treasure Hunt Event

Post  keigo on Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:25 am

It's fun time now!
Good news fellow Guild SD, it's time we celebrate and we have fun together! Wanna know what the event management department has prepared for you?

Events in line for you! here

You are up for a surprise now!

The previous Treasure Hunt event was a success and participants enjoyed as much as the event organizers did. This time round, it will be the same, with a little tweak here and there Razz

History of the past treasure hunt event!

Team Building Event (Treasure Hunt)
This event will requires guildies to form up teams and they are required to find locations throughout the entire tyria.

There will be hint given and team members are to get to the checkpoints. There's a total of 10 checkpoints that the team members are required to find and it's opened to all levels.

Different teams will be given different hints and the route are different from each and everyone but at the end of the event, everyone would have reached the same final checkpoints.

Whichever team that completes all the 10 hints and get back to the final checkpoint will be awarded handsomely and will be determined by our Event management dept and amount of guild funds we have.

How to participate in this event?
1. Post on the forum of your team members, their designations and who is your party leader.
1. Oricon (Vice Commander)
2. Zimme (Vice Commander)
3. Villenio Spy (Snr Guild Member)
4. Erosarrogant (Snr Guild Member)
5. Xiaoling (Snr Guild Member)

2. Team will then be assigned based on who comes first but of cause team assignment are based on the rules and regulation.

Rules & Regulation
1. No more than 2 High ranking officers (i.e. The team leaders and Vice commanders) In other word, you can have 2 vice commanders or 2 team leaders or a vice commander and a team leader in your party with the rest of the team members to be Senior Guild Member or SD Guild Member. The purpose of this event is to allow you to mingle with the new guildies so that everyone will feel engaged as a family.

2. Items are not to be purchased off the trading posts in the event if there's any chance that you could buy them off the shelves. In other word, it's the test on your integrity!

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Re: Guild Treasure Hunt Event

Post  keigo on Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:00 am

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