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Ranger Berserker

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Ranger Berserker

Post  Hawk Kyo on Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:04 am

I will present the first build for ranger. This is a very clean cut build and the easiest build for beginner on ranger. Bare in mind there's a lot of other builds for ranger and vary with personal play style. I personally no longer use this build and went towards more technical play style.

End stats gear and weapon
Power/precision/crit dmg (berserker set)
At low level this stack of stats cant be find. At high lvl this gears can be bought at trading post(TP) or by crafting. Dungeon exotics set also gives this stats. Please refer to bloodruby's guide on dungeon set.i personally use COF set because its the coolest IMO looking skin for ranger with feiry particles. Except for the helm, some people dont like the skin. Try COE helm. It gives the same berserker stats

Weapon of choice
I used to use shortbow and axe/warhorn last time. But longbow has proven it's effectiveness. Swapping of weapons is important for ranger. For dungeon run. Bring along a warhorn and pop the call of the wild for swiftness. Dont forget to change back to long/shortbow when entering combat. On max lvl, in wvw, longbow will give you a 2k direct crit dmg on each hit. Shortbow will give you about 1.2k crit dmg. On pve it will go slightly low.

Sigils and runes
superior sigil of battle on longbow for 3 stacks of might each time you swap to this weapon during combat.
For shortbow, use superior sigil of the earth for 60% chance to bleed on crit dmg. Or superior sigil of strength for 30% chance to apply might on crit dmg. Again, vary on your playstyle.

Healing skill: heal as one for wvw and healing spring on dungeons and pve
Utility skills for wvw
Quickening zyphyr is a must have
Lightning reflexes
Muddy terrain
Utility skills for dungeons and pve
Quickening reflexes
Flame trap
Spike trap
Elite skill for wvw
Elite skill for dungeon and pve
Rampage as one

10 on wilderness survival to get the wilderness knowledge. 20% faster recharge for survival skills. Since this build will use all survival skills on wvw.

Hawk Kyo

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