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Caudecus Manor path1

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Caudecus Manor path1

Post  RavenSDE on Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:56 pm

Path 1: Asura

Level 45.
Difficulty: Medium.
Duration: Medium.

Destroying parts

Go to cellar (as in story).
Avoid pulling too much.

Corridor of riflemen & Sure-Shot Seamus

First room contains only turrets, smash them.
Reflect shots or use ranged attacks to kill riflemen.
Avoid pulling Seamus.
Destroy turrets near Seamus as quickly as possible.
Seamus knocklocks -> bring stun-breaker and use interrupts (to save someone else).
Seamus stops briefly before shooting -> dodge or circle-strafe if meleeing
- Targeted player can render boss useless by proper positioning and movement (direct his shots away from your group).

The barn

Run up to destroy thrash monsters (skipping video allows get there before they spawn).


Two attacks: cloak -> stun -> instant-kll and cloak -> AoE bleed.
Bring stun-breaker to prevent instant-kill.
Bring condition removal for bleed.
Split up when she cloaks to avoid AoE bleed.

Big area with lots of enemies

Destroy normal monsters from first group with hit&run-tactic.
Skip rest of first group and whole second group by hugging left.
- One player should go first to trigger ambush. Lure them back to avoid aggroing everything.
Approaching/attacking two riflemen spawns 4 more riflemen.
- Kill them or use tactic above.


Destroy turrets, destroy golems when awakened.
Frost uses two attacks: ice-spray and projectile.
Dodge projectile to avoid become frozen crystal (others should destroy it).
Dodge & circle-strafe ice-spray.


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